Principal's Message

I am very proud to introduce our school to you. St Joseph's is a Catholic Systemic Primary School which was established in O'Connor in 1956. We are a proudly Catholic school that bases all that we do on Gospel values and this is evident in the way all members of our community interact with and treat each other.

St Joseph's recognises that parents are the first educators of their children and that we support parents by building on the foundation that has already been established. It is our aim to provide a safe, happy and supportive atmosphere where all students work co-operatively to reach their full potential.

I hope you enjoy finding out about our wonderful school

Cameron Tarrant

St Joseph's Staff 2019

Principal  Cameron Tarrant
Assistant Principal  Amy Doszpot 
Religious Education Coordinator Melanie Stratford 
Coordinator Tim Stephens 
ELC Director Molly Henson
Year 6 Black Melanie Stratford 
Koby Allan 
Year 5 Gold Skye McPadden
Year 5 Green Laura Knight
Year 4 Blue Tim Stephens 
Esther Coghlan
Year 4 Orange Annette Carroll 
Amy Doszpot 
Year 3 Lime Melanie Moore 
Year 3 Silver Eloise Palmer 
Year 2 Yellow Fiona Pettit
Year 2 Magenta Alison Nesci
Year 1 Teal Ryan McGee
Year 1 Purple Courtney Bonner
Foundation Red Kerri Kerr
Foundation White Zoe Cawdron
Music Cathy Berry
Library Catherine Palmenter
Italian Maria Sergi
Learning Support  Carolyn McFarland
Learning Support Assistants Jenny Grierson, Cathy Viney, Lynn Wilkinson, Ruta Valiulyte
Office Manager Jenny Rees
Defence School Mentor Sally Adams 
ELC Office Manager Catherine Hemphill
Green Frogs Morvern Dyer
Blue Geckos (BOW) Jill Lambert
Blue Geckos (EOW) Elizabeth Hargrave
Early Childhood Assistants Belinda Kivela, Lina Zielinski, Vanessa Wesley Smith
Canteen Manager Michelle Welsh
Grounds Manager Paul Hetherington