Current Families

Parents and carers are invited and encouraged to help at school in a variety of ways. Parents are offered training and given clear guidelines of the expectations and protocols involved. Regular areas of assistance encouraged at St Joseph’s School include:

  • Canteen roster
  • Sporting activities and carnivals
  • Perceptual Motor Programs
  • Excursions
  • Library assistance
  • Art/craft in the classroom
  • Reading and writing in the classroom
  • Working bees
  • Uniform Shop

It is mandatory that all volunteers possess and display a Working with Vulnerable People card whenever they are in the school.  This card is obtained via application and is free for volunteers.

Parents and Friends Association

At St Joseph’s we recognise the right and role of parents in their child’s education therefore parental involvement is strongly encouraged at all levels. The P & F Association consists of all parents and carers of pupils enrolled at St Joseph’s School. An Annual General Meeting of the Association is held each year.  General Meetings are also held during which activities of the Association are outlined and discussed with parents.  These meetings are held in the school and are advertised, along with the Association’s activities, in the school Newsletter.