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Week 10 Term 4 2020 Newsletter

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Week 10 Term 4 2020 Newsletter

Dear Parents, Carers and the St Joseph’s Community,


It is hard to believe that such a challenging year that brought so many new experiences such as remote learning and working, border closures, travel restrictions and so much uncertainty has come to an end. It has been such a blessing to be able to celebrate the end the year with our community coming together in a variety of ways (albeit different to normal) with our carols on Monday, Advent Celebrations, Year 6 Graduation Mass and Dinner and our Leadership Ceremony to be held tomorrow. We are so looking forward to a more settled year in 2021 and hope to open our doors more freely to our wonderful community, you have all been truly missed.

James Parkes Award

The James Parkes Award was established at the end of 2001. James Parkes was a student at St Joseph’s who had a love of World War History and participated in everything regardless of his ability or the challenges he faced. The award was set up by his parents as a thank you to the school community for the care and support James received from staff and students while at St Joseph’s. The James Parkes Award is awarded to a student who takes on challenges and participates fully as an active and respected member of our Christ-centred community.

Congratulations to our nominees for this year:

  • Areesha G (Year 6)
  • Cameron J (Year 6)
  • Kayla N (Year 4)
  • Alarna N (Year 6)
  • Tom O’Keeffe (Year 6)

The winner of the James Parkes Award for 2020 was Cameron J


Return to School

The school year for 2021 will begin on Monday 1 February. The Front Office will be open on Thursday 28 and Friday 29 January. Opening times for the Uniform Shop are yet to be confirmed and will be communicated via SZapp early next year. 

This morning we gathered as a staff to bid farewell to our teachers who are leaving St Joseph's. We wish Annette and Rosie all the very best for their future endeavours and look forward to hearing news on baby Stratford's arrival in the early new year.

To all our departing families, I wish you all the very best for the next exciting adventures that lay ahead for 2021 and I look forward to welcoming our returning and new families on February 1 next year. Enjoy a very well deserved break over the coming weeks and most importantly, please stay safe over the holiday period.

I wish you all a joyous and Christ-filled Christmas.

Yours in Christ,

Amy Doszpot

Assistant Principal

Religious Life of St Joseph's

Our St Joseph Charism

Our Week 10 focus is:


St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal

Thank you for your extraordinary generosity in supporting families in our community through the St Vincent de Paul Christmas appeal. Although due to the current need it has looked a little different this year, the outpouring of support has been such a  beautiful witness of God’s love. Adrian Formham from our local St Vincent de Paul chapter has collected the donations and wishes to express his deep gratitude at the  generosity of our community.

Advent Prayer Celebrations

Our third Advent prayer celebration last Friday was a beautiful celebration of joy led by 4 Gold. Our Advent prayer celebrations are a vital part of our St Joseph’s tradition and parents of classes leading the prayer celebration are warmly invited to attend these prayer celebrations. Our last Advent prayer celebration, led by 4 Green will be held this Friday, 18 December at 9.15am.

Signing off

With our last newsletter of the year also comes my last newsletter as I sign off while I take maternity leave next year. I have been abundantly blessed over my last two years in my role as REC and have witnessed God’s great love in the many faces I have crossed paths with during this time. I pray that the next 12 months gives our community some much needed respite and look forward to returning in 2021.

Yours in Christ,
Melanie Stratford

Religious Education Coordinator

Defence School Mentor News

The year 6 Defence students who are leaving at the end of the year each received a Dr Seuss book, Oh, The Places You Will Go and the junior students a colouring book. They also received some smarties because they are so smart, some coloured textas to help colour their days ahead, a rubber band to stretch beyond your limits and be flexible and a peg to help hold themselves all together. We held a farewell party for the departing students and stamped the Student Passport with our St Joseph’s school stamp. We wish them well on their next adventures. Have a beautiful holiday break and a special thank you to those working through the Christmas Day period.

Sally Adams

Defence School Mentor 

Letter from the Editor

Dear reader,

Greetings. My name is Olivia Fairweather, and I am the Editor in Chief of the Carpenter Chronicle. It is my duty and honour to welcome you to the newest edition of the St Joseph’s School Newspaper. I hope you enjoy our articles and all the hard work our journalists have put into their stories. Trust and believe that every single story has been written by students in years 4-6 and that each one has an exciting and relevant kick to them that will hook you in and won’t stop until you’ve read every last morsel of it. I hope you are entertained and have fun!

Click here to read the Carpenter Chronical


Olivia Fairweather

Editor in Chief

Ryan McGee

Sustainability Coordinator 

Happy birthday to these students celebrating their birthdays this week, and over the holidays:


Elise M Andrew S Harrison S
Emily G Alexander M Daniel A
Janek W Gonzalo O-H Amelia F
Tilly McG Dakota W Luerice G
Imogen W Pawel W Alyssa S
Sienna S Moira K Henry A
Jeremy S Reese McG Raksha N
Rudhra N Rachel N Beau W
Emanuel S Indie M Addison F
Leo W Anne P Xander W
Owen H Dominic S Hamish E

Hi Everyone,

WE MADE IT!! It's the end of the school year. 

You may have noticed that the canteen menu has fewer options available which is part of the end of year preparations to close the kitchen over the holidays. 

If you have ordered something but now it doesn't appear, I will make sure an alternative is provided on the day so your child will not miss out.


On Friday, I have organised a little treat, there will be some Christmas grinch fruit sticks (green grape, banana, strawberry and a marshmallow) $1, melted snowman cookies (sugar cookies, icing, marshmallow) $1.50, gingerbread cookies $1 and some mini santa jellies (low joule jelly, yoghurt, strawberry) 50c. I hope the kids enjoy being served by the canteen Christmas elves on Friday. 

Thank you, everyone, for your support this year, it's been a pleasure and a privilege serving your children in the canteen. Thank you to all of the gorgeous volunteers, Wanda, Rhonda, Sue, Ren, Sara and Fiona as well as the help from YMCA, you've made it a fun year despite the craziness. 

Merry Christmas and God Bless, 



Congratulations to this week's award recipients. 

Students are now receiving their Awards at Morning Gathering on Friday, but we are still unable to welcome parents to join us. 

Foundation Red

Sebastian P

Addison F

Foundation White

Christian D

Isla C

Rudhra N

Raksha N

Anne P

1 Purple

Eloise F-S

Leo W

1 Teal

Toby S

Mae T

Leilani T

2 Magenta

Madison A

Luerice G

Patrick M

2 Yellow

Kathy A

Sophia R

3 Black

Asher K

Lily P

3 Navy

Louis P

Olivia O

4 Gold

Dominic S

Diego L

4 Green

Ben C

Bridget M

5 Blue


Kennedy W

5 Orange

Kristian S

Alli P

6 Lime

Cameron J

Alex S

6 Silver

Rose W

Sophia S

Sustainability Vasili P