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Week 2 Term 4 2020 Newsletter

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Week 2 Term 4 2020 Newsletter

Dear Parents, Carers and the St Joseph’s Community,

Loving God,

We celebrate the grandparents among us and the ones who have passed on.
With gratitude, we acknowledge the love they shared with us-
from the dinners cooked to the trips taken and the many memories made.

May we continuously feel their love and the warmth of their smiles so that we can better comprehend your constant and unchanging love for us.

We bless the grandparents who take on extra duties to help with the business of everyday life.

We pray for those Grandparents who are separated from their grandchildren, may they feel the constant love that cannot be stopped through distance and circumstance.

We pray for their energy as they impart wisdom, and we ask for your healing love to sustain them as they continue to grow older.

We thank you also for the bonus grandparents among us: the step-grandparents, the great-aunts and uncles, and the ones who have filled the roles of grandparents for us. May they know what impact they have made on our lives.

Bless the fruits of these relationships, that they may multiply and we keep memories with us forever.


Grandparents & Special Friends Day

On Friday, we will be holding a virtual Prayer Celebration at 12 pm to honour the wonderful gift of grandparents and special friends in our lives. Please share our Zoom link with grandparents and special friends so they are able to join us. A reminder that we ask that this Zoom session is not recorded in order to protect the privacy of our students.

Zoom Link:

Last week, the students wrote letters to fill the mailboxes of their loved ones. These were posted on Friday and we hope that the letters bring a smile to all of the recipients!

Book Week 2020

Today we celebrated Book Week. With the easing of some COVID restrictions, it was a treat to be able to gather as a school to hold our Book Week Parade and share our love of books through an array of costumes. Thank you, parents and carers, in helping the students get organised for today, we know this can be a stressful date on the school calendar. 

Last term a drawing competition was held to celebrate the Book Week theme of Curious Creatures, Wild Minds. The students designed a creature, limited only by their imagination. The drawings were judged by Mr Tarrant. Congratulations to the year group winners: Dakota - Foundation, Phoebe - Year 1, Yaanih - Year 2, Imogen - Year 3, Alex - Year 4, Angela - Year 5, Christelle - Year 6.


Social and Emotional Learning

Following on from my work on resilience and unhelpful thinking, my focus this coming fortnight is on confidence. We all need to use courage to step outside of our comfort zones by taking risks in different ways such as; meeting someone new, asking for help, apologising for wrongdoing or trying something new.

Yesterday the Year 5 students came up with some quotes about courage:

  • Courage is the only thing you have when you’re alone in the darkness with no lights. Use that courage to find the light. Ashera
  • Courage is like the second lane on the road, you can choose to overtake your problems. Josie
  • To have courage, be like a Brussel sprout. If everyone hates you, know that one person likes you and exist for them. Olivia
  • Courage is like a booger. Once you pick it, it sticks. Layla
  • Courage doesn’t just happen, it’s a choice. Kristina & Georgina 
  • When your bucket of courage is empty, fill it up again. Elise & Mia
  • Courage does not mean never being afraid … it’s about being afraid but getting out of your comfort zone. Juliana

Covid-19 Update

Yesterday, communication was sent home detailing our upcoming plans for events and gatherings for Term 4 in line with the easing of some Covid-19 restrictions. Please take the time to read this document to ensure you are abreast of what we have planned in the coming weeks.

Canteen Manager 2021

Our canteen is now up and running, thanks to the efforts of Sarah and the P&F Canteen Committee. We are now looking for someone to continue this great work in 2021. Please see below a link to the position of Canteen Manager at St Joseph's Primary School. 

Family Photos

Do you want to get a start on your Christmas shopping? What better present to send to family and friends than a family photo of your children! Family photos are available to purchase from the Front Office for a mere $15.

I hope you have an enjoyable end to the week!

Yours in Christ,

Amy Doszpot

Assistant Principal

Religious Life of St Joseph's

Our St Joseph Charism

Our week 2 focus is:


Sacrament of Confirmation


Our Confirmation Masses will be held on 1 November at 2.00pm and 3.00pm. Nominating a Mass preference for Confirmation candidate families can be done at

Please keep these children in your prayers as they prepare for this important milestone in their faith journey.

Abagail Chloe Maxwell
Alarna Christelle Noel
Alec Cindy Rea
Alyssa Isabel Rose
Amelia Lachlan Sam
Andie Laura Sophia
Angelo Liam Thomas
Bridgette Madeleine Tomas
Chelsea Madeline Wylie

Grandparents and Special Friends Day

Last Friday we posted our letters to our grandparents and special friends and they should have begun to arrive by now. Our Grandparents and Special Friends Day Prayer Celebration will be broadcast live to our grandparents, special people and school community at 12.00pm this Friday 23 October. You can access our Prayer Celebration at this link:


Social Justice Mission Market Day

We are so pleased to be able to hold our annual Mission Market Day to raise much-needed funds for our Global Partner School Riamabana. Our Market Day will be held next Friday 30 October. All classes will run a stall in the Hall, with classes coming through one at a time to ensure that we are Covid compliant. Each class will offer one product or service at the Market Stall. Your class teachers will be requesting donations relevant to the class stall over the coming week.

Copy of Copy of Ever generous God, You inspired Saint Mary MacKillop To live her life faithful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and constant in bringing hope and encouragement to those who we.png
Yours in Christ,
Melanie Stratford

Religious Education Coordinator

Sustainability in Action

Meeting with Tim Miller, creator of Lids4Kids, was an eye-opening learning experience that helped shed some light on our Lids sorting at Joey's. While we have asked for only lids that fit a certain description in the past, we are now welcoming all lids (please pre-wash!) that fit onto bottles, milk containers and even jars! While the original cause was for prosthetic limbs, an oversupply has halted that collection. However, Tim finds purposes for 10 different lid types now that Green Team will happily sort through. And the best part- those popular yogurt lids can now be repurposed!


 Despite the wonderful efforts of local recyclers, all Joeys kids know that while recycling is good, reducing is best!

“Want to save the environment? Buy less stuff!”- Bumper Sticker.

Ryan McGee

Sustainability Coordinator 

Defence School Mentor News


With current restrictions easing the Remembrance Day service on November 11 will go ahead with students, teachers and Defence families only. This year, I would like to invite students to bring in something from home that connects their family to Remembrance Day. They will be placing the item on the prayer space and will be invited to speak about their item.

This is not a compulsory task and speaking in front of the school is not required if your child does not want to. We hope you can still feel connected to the school’s commemorative service by talking to your child(ren) about which item you may like to contribute and help them write what it means to you and your family so we can share this with the school community.

Sally Adams

Defence School Mentor 

Happy birthday to these students celebrating their birthdays this week:


Fergus McR
Aidan McG
Amelia T
Sophie T
Chloe C
Abeny A
Hayden S

The Uniform Shop Is Looking For New Members!

The Uniform Shop needs new members! The Uniform Shop provides a uniform delivery service of both new and second-hand uniforms to St Joseph’s school families. Members of the Uniform Shop volunteer some of their time to help organise children’s uniform orders. New team members will get training about how the ordering system on Qkr works, as well as how to organise and deliver uniforms. The uniform shop is open once a week on Thursday, 8:30-9:00 am and supports members to take flexible shifts. Additional help is needed urgently because right now there are only three uniform team members.

Uniform member Kate says, “It is like being in a community.”  Monique says she loves volunteering in the Uniform Shop because, “You get to know the teachers, parents and the kids.”

All profits from the uniform shop go to the P&F and are used to buy school resources, equipment and support the running of the canteen. If you think that joining our team of fun and committed volunteers is something you can do, please contact

Kate Osborn at or on 0423 103 015

Written by Isabelle T and Rea N

Uniform Shop Prices

This year has been challenging, from home-schooling to playing soccer while (attempting) self-distancing! Our wonderful school and our P&F have not been immune to the effects of 2020: we had to cancel the fete, and numerous other fun events. But rest assured we have some great things on the horizon.

However, we want to ensure that we continue to provide for the kids as best we can. So, for the first time in years, our uniform shop will be altering our prices. We know that this might come as a shock to you, but please know that every cent of profit goes back into our school.

Over the years we have provided play equipment, barbecues, helped fund farewells and even shifted a couple of tonne of mulch! We want to continue to do these things even if we can’t fundraise in the usual way!

Our prices will change on 24 September 2020. The new prices will be available in Qkr! that same day.

Thank you to everyone for your donations of second-hand summer uniform! Prices for these items will remain at $5.


Hi everyone, 

The canteen's 1st week was stunning. 82 orders on the Friday!!! We prepared 321 nuggets, 23 sausage rolls and 22 fruit smoothies. To say we were flat out would be an understatement. 

Though Sinead (from afters) and I ran a little late in getting them out, we made it, all of the orders were filled, and we were exhausted, but what a welcome back to the term!

The canteen is open on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday each week for counter service during both lunch breaks and for online lunch orders.  

Volunteers are still very welcome and much needed, particularly on a Friday.  

If you have any time at all, even 30 minutes on those days, anytime between 9am and 2pm, I welcome the help and the company. 

Just let me know via email:, or by text message: 0433844886. 

 Donations are always welcome. This term the canteen is in need of:

 Smart Pasta 

Wholemeal Flour 

Sodium Bicarbonate powder

Dish washing liquid 

Dish cloths

Golden Syrup


Baking paper

 Donations keep the costs of running the canteen just that little bit lower so we can keep the prices as affordable as possible. 

 The kids favourite thing from the new menu so far has been the 20 cent frozen yoghurt cubes. These are simply frozen fruit, blended with yoplait 'For Me' vanilla yoghurt then frozen in an ice cube tray. They're like a mini smoothie and so nice on a hot day. 

 I am looking forward to a fun, and busy, final term of 2020. 

 Yours in healthy food, 


Ms Young

Canteen Manager
St Joseph's School

Congratulations to this week's award recipients. 

Students are now receiving their Awards at Morning Gathering on Friday, but we are still unable to welcome parents to join us. 

Foundation Red

Azrielle T

Rishaan M

Foundation White

Madeline O'B

Dakota W

1 Purple

Amelia T

Emma P

1 Teal

Kendryck M

Liam B

2 Magenta

Namgay T

Atticus B

2 Yellow

Marvin R

Taj T

3 Black

Freyja H

Hamish McR

3 Navy

Louis P

Attharva T

4 Gold

Dominic S

Violet W

Erika A

4 Green

Marnie C

Jacob C

5 Blue

Thomas F

Ashley F

5 Orange

Georgina R

Emilia R

6 Lime

Cameron J

Chime D

6 Silver

Abagail W

Isabelle T

Sustainability Kayla N

At times in our community, we have the need to welcome new families, celebrate new arrivals and to keep others in our thoughts and prayers. Please feel free to let the school know anything that you would like mentioned in the newsletter.