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Week 3 Term 3 2020 Newsletter

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Week 3 Term 3 2020 Newsletter

Dear Parents, Carers and the St Joseph's Community,

Feast of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop


"Let us try to keep God with us by charity of thought, word and act."

This Saturday we celebrate the Feast of St Mary of the Cross, Australia’s first Saint and the founder of the Sisters of St Joseph, who founded our school in 1956. As a parish, and as a school community, this is a very important day in our faith life. We celebrate the example that Mary gives us today and the leadership she showed when forging ahead in difficult times, always committed to a love of God and guided by the strength of St Joseph.

On Friday, all students will participate in a number of activities to reflect on the teachings of St Mary of the Cross, as well as coming together virtually for a prayer liturgy to celebrate her life and Saintly example.

I encourage the community to find out a little more about St Mary of the Cross MacKillop at

Sacramental Program

Last week it was announced that the parish-based sacramental program would restart, adhering to the on-going COVID-19 restrictions. Students in Years 3, 4 and 6 will complete units of Religious Education in the coming months preparing them for the sacraments. Families are invited to enrol their child/ren into the sacramental program – information has be sent out to the respective year groups.

  • Reconciliation – Retreat Day 14 August, followed by making the Sacrament during the retreat. If parents would like to be present for the Sacrament, they are invited to attend on the day.
  • First Holy Communion – This will be a home-based program, followed by a Retreat Day 11 September. The Sacrament will be held on Sunday 13 September, with final details about Masses and planning to be confirmed.
  • Confirmation – This too will be a home-based program, followed by a Retreat Day (TBC). The Sacrament will be held on Sunday 1 November, with final details about Masses and planning to be confirmed.

Car Park

It is necessary to again raise some issues in the car park. While almost all parents adhere to the road rules and also the school guidelines, others are asked to be more considerate to ensure the safety of all users and the effective movement of traffic. The Drive Thru is only for drop off and pick up. Please do not park in these spaces, especially in the morning. It has been observed that some cars are parking, or waiting for supervision to begin, or parents are completing a quick email etc. If you need to remain in the car park for any reason, please use the parking bays so as to allow other parents to move freely through the Drive Thru. Your continued support with this is always appreciated.

Please see an updated copy of the Car Park Guidelines.

Hats on in August


From now, all students need to wear their hats when on the playground. This is inline with advice from the Cancer Council ACT. Please ensure your child’s name is on their hat.

Enrolments - REMINDER

For those families with children enrolling at St Joseph’s in 2021, please return the acceptance of offer and signed Parent Commitment Agreement ASAP.

Also, if you are aware that your child/ren will not be returning to St Joseph’s in 2021, you are please asked to inform the school by Friday 21 August. This does not include our Year 6 students who are leaving the school.

Yours in Christ,

Cameron Tarrant


Religious Life of St Joseph's
Saint Mary Mackillop Feast Day

This year marks the 10th Anniversary of Mary’s canonisation. How blessed are we to have such a strong connection to Australia’s only saint? How blessed are our children to have such a wonderful Australian example of faith and devotion to God? I know for myself when I was learning about the saints as a child, those wonderful people seemed to come from a land and time that was so far away it was difficult to relate to.

As we begin our celebrations this week as a school, our Christ-Centred Community will be learning more about Mary, praying with Mary and striving to be more like Mary. We look forward to sharing our journey with you.


Melanie Stratford

Religious Education Coordinator

Sustainability in Action

There is much to be learned this Term! Here is a snapshot of some of our sustainable explorations:

Year 6- While creating their own light installations, Year 6 is considering the long term impacts of technology on the environment. After brainstorming technological items, Year 6 researched the life span and disposal measures to be taken for each.

Foundation- Looking at life-cycles and studying life has been exciting for Foundies, from watching eggs hatch to singing songs about plant growth.

Year 1- After closely looking at The Story of Creation, Year 1 is looking at how to reduce their rubbish output.

“We buried compost, rubbish and plastic toys and predicted what we think will happen to them in 6 weeks. I think the compost will rot away. I think the plastic will stay the same. The rubbish will get mouldy,” said Toby S.

“Compost is proof that there is life after death.” Anonymous

Ryan McGee

Sustainability Coordinator 

Defence School Mentor News

This week my focus was spending time with the Defence children whose parents will be away for a lengthy period of time. We enjoyed finding out about places their parents will be working and came up with some great ideas for connecting with them before they go, while they are gone and when they return. I also had the pleasure of visiting the Defence children in their classrooms. I love this weekly check in time with all the kids.

Sally Adams

Defence School Mentor 


Thank You!

A big thank you to our wonderful families who have dropped off uniforms to go into the second-hand clothing pool. We have a large range of items available at a very cheap price! More donations are always welcome. 

Congratulations to this week's award recipients. 

Students are now receiving their Awards at Morning Gathering on Friday, but we are still unable to welcome parents to join us. 

Foundation Red

Gwendolyn V-F

Andy S

Foundation White

Ryan L

Madeline O'B

1 Purple

Gonzalo O-H

Aneesh T

1 Teal

Fergus McR

Phoebe G

2 Magenta

James M

Ishana M

2 Yellow

Evie P

Marcos D-C

3 Black

Eoin S

Amaani S

3 Navy Esmee V-F
4 Gold

Dominic S

Alex W

4 Green

Dev J

Kinley T

5 Blue

Leon F-S

Tihana B

5 Orange

Juliana L

Travis M

6 Lime

Cameron J

Ava J

6 Silver

Sophia D

Rea N

Sustainability Cameron J

Happy birthday to these students celebrating their birthdays this week:Birthday_Cake.png

Sophia A
Ava J
Chelsea P
Gianluca P
Madeline S
Hamish McR
Jacob C
Benjamin C
Marvin R
Christopher B

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