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Week 1 Term 3 2020 Newsletter

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Week 1 Term 3 2020 Newsletter

Dear Parents, Carers and the St Joseph's Community, 

Welcome back to Term 3. After the challenging times that have defined the year so far, I hope that everyone had a good break from the routines of school. It was certainly a necessary time for the staff, to stop and to recharge, and to look back on a term that brought out the best in all of us. As a school, the students, yourselves, the teachers and staff and wider community have much to be proud of.

Over the break, we have started to see the physical transformation of our school as well. The new classrooms are quickly coming together and this week, we expect to have the roof go on. Inside, it is incredible to see and hear how quickly the old rooms have been transformed into a wide-open void stretching from one end of the original school building to the other. As you can see, the builders have made the most of the break.

We have also moved into our two new temporary classrooms, located on the oval. Thank you to Catholic Education for quickly moving to have these installed, ready for the students’ return on Monday. An enormous thank you to all our wonderful staff too. They spent time in the final weeks of Term 2 packing up their classrooms and relocating around the school. Our Year 5 and 6 teachers and students are now settled into the Hall for the coming weeks, but looking forward to returning to their classrooms as soon as possible. So much to look forward to!


This week we welcome Ms Rosie Taliano to St Joseph’s, replacing Mrs Knight who is now on maternity leave. Our Canteen is open again, with Sarah Young as our new Canteen Manager. Mrs Tiffany Fletcher is continuing to take our students for Music – it is so nice to hear them all singing around the school. Mrs Mara Pangallo will finish at St Joseph’s at the end of Week 3, so we thank her for her efforts this year. We keep in our thoughts and prayers Mrs Parmenter, who is enjoying her time reading at her beautiful home, but unable to return to school due to the COVID-19 situation. We also keep in our thoughts and prayers Mrs Viney and her husband, along with some of our school families who have had loved ones pass away in recent months. As a community, we draw strength from the support that we can offer to those in need.

Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD)

Included today is information relating to NCCD. This annual government requirement allows the school to provide information based on the support offered to students across the school. Through the collection of this school-based data, the government is best able to identify funding needs and to support school systems as needed. Please see the attached information.

NCCD Parent Letter 2020


COVID-19 Update

Recent increased concern and awareness of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic has unfortunately meant that some planned easing of restrictions in our school are not currently possible. I want to thank everyone for their continued support as we have returned to school, maintaining our good safety and hygiene practices across the school. Full details of health advice and safety protocols have been distributed over the past week via Schoolzine.


The school photos will be taken on Monday 3 August for the Primary School and fulltime and beginning of the week ELC students, and on Friday 7 August for end of the week ELC students, along with any missed photos. Reminders will be sent via Schoolzine, but all students are to be dressed in their full winter uniform. All COVID-19 considerations have been addressed and will be actioned on the day. Class photos, individual portraits and family photos will be taken. All family photos will be taken on the day, so please inform your children if they will be involved in this. These photos will be available from the Front Office later in the year, and form a way of fundraising for the school.

Photo envelopes and more information will be sent home with students tomorrow.

St Joseph’s Virtual Family Maths Week – August 3 to 6

All families are invited to participate in the next Family Maths event, this year taking place virtually. Many of our senior students are excitedly preparing for this event, following the incredible success the Maths evening enjoyed last year. More details to come in the next week.


Yours in Christ,

Cameron Tarrant


Religious Life of St Joseph's

Welcome back to Term 3. We are so happy to have our community back together refreshed after the school holidays. As we have adapted to the many changes we have experienced this year we have needed to be more flexible than ever before. These experiences, although challenging, have also brought about creative solutions to how our Christ-Centred community stays connected to each other and our Catholic Faith. We are so excited to be able to share that we can proceed with our Sacraments although the format will need to be flexible and open to change as we comply with Covid 19 restrictions. If you have not enrolled please enrol as soon as possible at this link:

While are still finalising some specific details, the following plans are in place.


The postponed Retreat Day to be held in the Parish Centre and scheduled in the coming weeks. Students will be able to make the Sacrament during the retreat or if parents wish to be present they can take their child to one of the parish confession sessions. Students making the Sacrament will receive their certificate and share a celebratory cake during the retreat.

First Holy Communion

Formation for First Holy Communion will be a home based program. There will be formation for both children and parents.  Families can choose when to do the sessions and are welcome to join with other families to share the experience. A Retreat Day will be held in the Parish Centre before the Sacrament on a date to be confirmed. The Sacrament date is Sunday 13 September with separate masses as required with numbers.


Formation for The Sacrament of Confirmation will be a home based program. There would be formation for both children and parents. Families can choose when to do the sessions and are welcome to join with other families to share the experience. A Retreat Day will be held in the Parish Centre before the Sacrament on a date to be confirmed. The Sacrament date is Sunday 1 November with separate masses as required with numbers.



Melanie Stratford

Religious Education Coordinator

Sustainability in Action

We are resuming our collections for Lids 4 Kids! Please use this as your guide for what can be recycled through this awesome incentive. If you are interested in assisting with Lids 4 Kids drop offs- please contact me at the address below!



Updated Coffee Recycling Program


Coffee Pods

We are now only able to recycle only Lor, Moccona and Illy brand capsules. Please bring your Nespresso pods to the Nespresso store at Canberra Centre.


Future Film Festival


Future Film is the short film competition & festival that’s here to flip the switch on the climate crisis. SEE-Change is giving young people a creative platform to express their ideas to solve our most pressing environmental problems. By making a 2 - 7 minute film themed around sustainability and climate solutions, you'll go into the running to win amazing prizes, and have your film screened at the 2020 Canberra Short Film Festival. It's a great opportunity to learn something new and flex your creative muscles. Don't know how to make a short film? Don't worry, you can sign up for a free mentoring program with an awesome local filmmaker. For all the details on guidelines, mentoring, prizes and more, head to:

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds that it is connected to the rest of the word” -John Muir.


Ryan McGee

Sustainability Coordinator 

Defence School Mentor News

Defence Community Organisation has released their E- News July/August. If you are interested in receiving information you must ‘opt in’ by sending an email request to Soldier On has regular events that may be of interest and you can receive their newsletter directly by emailing

Defence kids club was outdoors this week. It was wonderful catching up with all the students and hearing about their holiday adventures.


Sally Adams

Defence School Mentor 


Thank You!

A big thank you to our wonderful families who have dropped off uniforms to go into the second-hand clothing pool. We have a large range of items available at a very cheap price! More donations are always welcome. 

Congratulations to this week's award recipients. 

Students are now receiving their Awards at Morning Gathering on Friday, but we are still unable to welcome parents to join us. 

Foundation Red

Tilly McG

Charlee F

Foundation White

Christian D

Bea J

1 Purple

Mirabel P

Tresa S

1 Teal

Harry F

Anna J

2 Magenta

Holly H

Yannih N

2 Yellow

Leah F-C

Scarlett S

3 Black

Hayden S

Lawrence C

Ashley F

3 Navy

Georgina G

Attharva T

Imogen W

4 Gold

Adam S

Oliver A

4 Green

Marnie C

Ben L

5 Blue

Ashley F

Ashera D

5 Orange

Frieda C

Joshua G

6 Lime

Andie McF

Nellie R

6 Silver

Isabelle T

Madeline S


Maria P

Happy birthday to these students celebrating their birthdays this week:Birthday_Cake.png

Adah A
Myah A
Sophie P
Jack D
Kayla N

Scholastic Book Club order forms have been sent home with children today.
ORDERS due: Friday 7 August 2020
NO CASH PAYMENTS ACCEPTED, please order via loop app, details on back page of order form