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Week 7 Term 3 2019 Newsletter

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Week 7 Term 3 2019 Newsletter

For whom am I?

In his new Papal Exhortation ‘Christus Vivit’, Pope Francis speaks to the heart of the need to be part of the evangelising church. He highlights that that we can only give what we have, not continuing only to ‘breathe out’, but needing to also ‘breathe in’.


So often in life, we waste time asking ourselves: ‘Who am I?’ You can keep asking, ‘Who am I?’ for the rest of your lives. But the real question is: ‘For whom am I?’ Of course you are for God. But He has decided that you should also be for others, and He has given you many qualities, inclinations, gifts and charisms that are not for you, but to share with those around you’. (C.V. 286)

During this, our Sabbath Week, how are you ‘breathing in’ for yourself, allowing yourself to be evangelised. Also, ‘for whom are you?’ How are you allowing yourself to be for God, and in turn, ‘being for others’.

What kind of person are you?

This week I took time to speak to Year 6 about the importance of ‘transcending’ some of the challenges and issues that occur in the classroom and on the playground. In doing so, I put to them the rhetorical question, ‘what kind of person are you?’

The provocation to this conversation was a speech by ex-AFL player, but current inspiring human being, Neale Daniher. In his speech, Daniher speaks about the fact there will be good times in life, but there will also be tough times, and it is how we handle ourselves in the tough times that more often define us.

For the Year 6 students, and indeed all the students, my wish is much the same as Daniher has for Cooper, his grandson. When tough times do occur, that they will themselves have the fortitude to stand up for what is right, take responsibility for their own decisions and to conduct themselves in the ‘right way’ in the face of hardship. This right way is to summon the moral courage to take responsibility, even when it wasn’t their fault. Daniher says, ‘no matter what happens, it’s up to (you) to do something about it. Have the courage to accept responsibility, don’t shy away from it, don’t baulk… and by doing that, what will emerge inside you, is the better side of your character. That will allow you to prevail. That will allow you to move through it. And it might even allow you to transcend…’

At the school level, we support the students as they learn and play with their peers, as they form new friendships and also manage challenges that arise each day. We all have a very specific role to be there to assist them when needed. However, as teachers and parents, we also want to instil in the children a sense of ‘responsibility’, that they can actually be the biggest influence in what their day is like, and to be able to learn from and move on from any ‘tough times’.

I encourage all parents to watch Neale Daniher’s speech and consider how you might be able to share this message with your children.

Carpenter Chronicle

The next edition of the school newspaper, The Carpenter Chronicle, is now available – July / August Edition

A message from the editors:

These couple of months have been complete crunch time for us in the Newspaper Team. Honestly, the July/August edition has been hard. But with hardship comes reward. We went to the Canberra Times in Fyshwick for an excursion. We got to see many things, like where the comics are made, how the papers themselves are printed and met everyone on the wonderful staff. It really helped us improve our writing. We think that getting to see the most common and well-known Newspaper people in Canberra has been very inspirational and helpful for us, and has inspired this July/August edition. This is our second of many editions to come, and all of us here are proud to be a part of the original team. We hope you enjoy!

-Zoe Pearson and Renee Marks, Senior Members of the Newspaper Team

Save the date

Grandparent’s Day is Thursday 24 October. We will have a Prayer Celebration at 9.15am, followed by morning tea and open classrooms. Please share this date with those who would like to join us on the day.


From Monday 9 September to Wednesday 18 September I will be taking leave, travelling overseas with my lovely wife. While away, Amy Dozpot will ensure all things continue to run smoothly. I look forward to getting back in time for the final count down to our school musical in Week 10.

Have a wonderful end to the week.

Yours in Christ,

Cameron Tarrant


Religious Life of the School

Last Friday Cameron, Father Paul and myself came together for the


Key Personnel Day with all the other Principals, Parish Priests and Religious Education Coordinators in the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn. The purpose of the day was to pray, listen, learn and plan for leading our Catholic schools. A key theme throughout the day was evangelisation. 

Last week I shared with you Phase 1 of the Evangelisation process: Witness.

This week the focus is on Phase 2: Proclamation- to share the Gospel message that:


How can you share this Gospel message this week?



Prayer and Worship 

Student-Led Christian Prayer

Each Friday, this term after first break, Year 6 lead classes in prayer with a focus on the Gospel for the coming Sunday.

Liturgical Season: Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C

Liturgical Season Colour: Green

This week the focus is on the Gospel of Luke 14: 25-33

Jesus said to the crowd, “If a man plans to build a house, he works out how much it will cost before he begins. Otherwise, he might lay the foundations, and then find that he cannot afford to finish the work. If a king’s army of ten thousand men is preparing to fight an army of twenty thousand men, would the kind not consider whether he might win or lose? If defeat is likely, then he will send out messengers to make peace with his enemy.”

Then Jesus said, “If anyone plans to follow me, then he must count the cost of being my disciple and belonging to the kingdom of God."

At home, we invite you to read the upcoming Gospel as a family and REWk1T3PrayerImage.pngdiscuss our focus questions for the week.

Is it easy or hard to be Jesus' disciple?

Can something be difficult but still be good for you?

If following Jesus is so difficult, why would you want to do it?

What are some ways that we can show that God is our number one priority?

Celebrating Liturgy and Sacraments

Upcoming Class Masses

This year we have been working to strengthen our connection with our Parish. One way we have been achieving this is for classes to attend one grade mass per term. Families are very welcome to join us for these masses. The upcoming masses are:

  • 9.15 am Friday 6th September: Grade 3 and Grade 6
  • 9.15 am Friday 13th September Grade 2 and Grade 6
  • 9.15 am Friday 27th September: Foundation and Grade 5


Sacrament of Confirmation

Last Saturday evening we commenced our first formation session for the Sacrament of Confirmation. It was lovely to see the parents and children coming together to learn about our spiritual gifts and virtues.

Please contact Father Paul if you have any questions about the Sacrament of Confirmation at:

Upcoming Confirmation Classes Year 6

5.15pm in the Learning Hub followed by Mass at 6.00pm in the Church

  • Saturday 7 September
  • Saturday 14 September
  • Saturday 21 September

Sacrament of Confirmation

  • Sunday 13 October 9am

Social Action & Justice

Action For Justice

Last Friday, Year 6 worked with Mrs McGee and Mrs Allan to make flavoured lip balms that contain only natural ingredients in sustainable packaging to sell in a pop-up stall to raise this final amount. They are busy undertaking market research, developing their packaging and marketing materials for their Pop-up shop coming to you before the end of Term 3.


Religious Identity and Culture

Ethos and Charism

Our strategic priority to deepen our St Joseph’s identity means to deepen our understanding of our Josephite Charism.  We can learn much about our Josephite Charism through quotes from Saint Mary Mackillop. This week our quote is:


Evangelisation and Faith Formation

Faith Formation

Faith formation is a key part of being a part of a Catholic community. In our community we are all at different stages of our own faith journey. Has it been some time since you had the opportunity to participate in faith formation for yourself? If you would like to come together with other adults for your own formation please get in contact with me.

Melanie Stratford

Religious Education Coordinator 

Sustainability in Action

Our sustainable entrepreneurs in Year 6 are currently developing a lip balm product that reduces waste and solves chapped lip problems. After a term of discussing opportunities to reduce our waste output, Year 6 is creating a refill program that will keep the St. Joseph’s community coming back for more!


And then there were chickens!

We are looking forward to fresh eggs for our canteen and a careful, hen-raising community of students. Stay tuned for a compost bin decorating contest, where the winning class will get to name our 2 new hens!


“The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg; not by smashing it” -Harold H. Glasgow.

Ryan McGee

Sustainability Coordinator 


To the whole St Joseph’s community -

This first week in September is Legacy Week. It is a time when Legacy sells its iconic badges and other merchandise to raise funds for the vital work it does for families of veterans.

Legacy is a charity providing services to Australian families suffering after the injury or death of a spouse or parent, during or after their defence force service. We currently care for 52,000 beneficiaries, including 1,845 children and disabled dependants throughout Australia.

The link below represents Legacy Media Stories from 2014 showcasing the support Legacy provides to the Defence community


Remembrance Day Service at St Joseph’s will be held at 10.30am Monday November 11 in the courtyard. Please let me know if you would be interested in taking on a role during the ceremony. Morning tea will be served in the staff room following the service. All welcome.

Photos from Defence Kids Club this week…

Sally Adams

Defence Support Mentor 



Don't forget to look on the School Sport ACT website for upcoming trials for representative opportunities for your children. 

Do you know that the P&F have their own Facebook page? Please Like the page so that you can keep on top of the great things that the P&F do across our school -

The next big P&F event is the School Disco on Friday 1 November (Week 3 Term 4). More information to come, but any and all help to organise and on the night is always welcome.

Tiffany Fletcher

P&F President




Congratulations to this week's award recipients. 

Foundation Red

Amelia T

Sophia T

3 Silver

Josie B

Harry C

Foundation White

Mae T

Nevaeh M

Patrick McD

4 Blue

Tom F (Sustainability)

1 Purple

Scarlett S

Julian F

Bonnie P

4 Orange

Leon F-S

Knox P

1 Teal

Isabella H

Toby O

5 Gold

Sophia S

Tshering T

2 Magenta

Scarlett P

Lily P

Eoin S

5 Green

Madeline Sill

Chime Dema

2 Yellow

Jimmy P

Janek W

6 Black

Cooper W

Finn K

3 Lime

Lekzeen G

Maria P


Happy birthday to these students celebrating their birthdays this week.

Alexandria S
Sophie H
Chime D
Isabelle T