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Week 4 Term 3 2019 Newsletter

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Week 4 Term 3 2019 Newsletter

Dear Parents, Carers and the St Joseph’s Community,

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Tomorrow we will be celebrating Mary's Assumption into heaven with Mass at 12:00 pm and I warmly invite members of our school community to join us. The assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into heaven has long been held as an important Catholic belief. The belief was not defined as dogma, however, until 1950 by Pope Pius XII. The dogma teaches that Mary, who was without sin, was taken, body and soul, into the glory of heaven. Thursday’s Gospel highlights Mary's faith. Mary's faith enabled her to recognise the work of God in her people's history and in her own life. Her openness to God allowed God to work through her so that salvation might come to all. Mary is a model and symbol of the Church. May we be like Mary, open and cooperative in God's plan.

Working Bee

Thank you to the MANY families and staff who gave their time to help at our working bee for the school Musical last Saturday. It was a tremendous display of what an amazing community we have here at St Joseph’s. Watch this space for information about another working bee!

Science Week

Today we celebrated National Science Week: Destination Moon, with a showcase of student work in our mini Science Fair. Congratulations to the following students who received prizes for their contributions:    


​Fergus Mc, Harry F

​Year 1

​Zach B, Sophie R

​Year 2

​Olivia O, Louis P

​Year 3

​Nathan N, Carys K

​Year 4

​Skye P, Hamish D

​Year 5

​Max G, Ella O

​Year 6

​Emmanuel A, Ivan S

Family Award

Leon, Chloe and Eloise F-S

On Friday, Max G, Ella O, Emmanuel A and Ivan S from Year 5 and 6 will be attending Government House to compete in the Governor General’s Design Challenge. We wish you the best of luck! A big thank you to Mrs Annette Carroll who has coordinated our Science Week activities and initiatives.

Book Week

Next Wednesday, students are invited to come to school dressed as their favourite book character. We will be having a parade at 9:15 am and as always invite members of our school community to join us. I know the staff have been busy organising their costumes!

Father’s Day Breakfast

Don’t forget to save the date for our Father’s Day Breakfast on Friday 1 September at 8am. Invitations with further information will be sent out early next week. If you are a mum and are available to help set up, cook or serve for our dads please email me on Set up and cooking will begin at 7 am.

SZapp to Replace Skoolbag

As we continue through the second half of the year, we will move more that we do across to the SZapp platform that we use for our newsletter and website. The next phase of the transition begins this week with the addition of the Student Absent Note capability to the app. If you already have SZapp on your device, there is nothing additional that you need to do – you can simply start to submit absentee notes for your child via SZapp, rather than Skoolbag. The format and functionality is very similar and the process here at school remains the same. The note is received at the Front Office email address and forwarded directly to the class teacher. This is a great way to complete the required notice when your child is absent from school.

If you are yet to download SZapp onto your device, the instructions are included again with this newsletter. Please download the app and then subscribe to the newsletter and set up any wanted alerts. The next phase of the transition will be to use SZapp to communicate alerts to the school community, which will be pushed out via SZapp and also populate on the school website. Further details regarding this will be communicated in the coming weeks.

Catholic School Insurance (CCI)

As part of enrolment at St Joseph’s Primary School, Catholic Education arranges cover (Basic) on behalf of all students attending schools that form part of the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn and this policy provides protection to students who are injured whilst engaged in school-based activities. The policy covers for lump sum benefits for death, disablement, broken bones and damaged teeth and extends to cover school fees if a fee-paying parent dies in an accident whilst the student is attending a Catholic School. Additional expenses such as medical expenses (only where law permits CCI to pay), emergency transport, home tuition and school fee relief are also payable under the policy. For further information, please refer to the CCI website and information sheet -

I hope you have an enjoyable end to the week and enjoy some warmer weather over the weekend!

Yours in Christ,

Amy Doszpot

Assistant Principal 

Prayer and Worship

St Mary Mackillop Feast Day

Last Thursday we celebrated the Feast of Saint Mary Mackillop. As our only Australian saint, Saint Mary Mackillop is honoured in Catholic schools on the 8th of August all over Australia. At St Joseph’s, honouring Saint Mary is particularly important and we had a big day planned, which included beginning our day by gathering as a community for Mass and holding a Market Day to raise money for our Global Schools partner, Riamabana. The thing about big plans is that it is like a performance, a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to make the event happen.  The beautiful rain that soaked our winter grounds on Thursday morning meant that we did not get to follow through with our plans for Mass and our Market venue moved to our school hall.

Challenges that impact plans that have taken weeks of preparation, such as the rain, can be difficult to overcome. Yet, as I reflected on a day that in spite of the challenges, our Saint Mary Mackillop Feast Day was an outstanding example of the spirit of Saint Mary Mackillop alive in our community. The St Joseph’s community trusted in God’s providence, came together to do something about a need that we see (Riamabana) and through charity of thought, word and act were the face of God to each other. Well done St Joseph’s for a fantastic day where we raised approximately $2400 for Riamabana.

Catholic Liturgical Life

Liturgical Season: Ordinary Time

Liturgical Season Colour: Green

In the Gospel for this coming Sunday, Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Luke (Luke 12:49-53 challenges us with the message that Jesus has come not only to bring peace but also division.

The Gospel this week is a challenging one. After reminding the apostles that facing the coming judgment takes patience, Jesus tells of how difficult it will be to wait. His message, that he has come to set the earth on fire is one often viewed as one of peace. Peace is the goal of the Kingdom of God, but peace has a price. Jesus is warning the apostles that wherever the Word of God is heard and acted upon, division occur. The coming judgment forces us to look at our own commitments. As we heard in last Sunday's Gospel, a commitment of faith requires us to change our attitude toward material possessions and to take even more seriously our moral responsibilities. A commitment to Jesus forces us to change the way we live our lives, and this can put strains on relationships.

Hearing such words from Jesus can challenge our perception of Jesus as Prince of Peace. However, being reminded that the decision to do the right thing is often not easy or without conflict. Today, Jesus reminds us to be prepared for difficult decisions and division as well. 


Sacrament of Confirmation

Students in Year 6 can now be enrolled in the Sacrament of Confirmation at the link below. Please add the Sacrament of Confirmation and preparation session dates and times to your calendars. A reminder that the Sacrament of Confirmation will take place with Archbishop Christopher Prowse on the last Sunday of the holidays before Term 4 commences.

Please enrol at

If you do not have a Google account you can use your child’s school account to register. Please contact Father Paul  if you have any questions about the Sacrament of Confirmation at:

Confirmation Classes

(Year 6)

5.15pm in the Learning Hub followed by Mass at 6.00pm in the Church

Saturday 31 August

Saturday 7 September

Saturday 14 September

Saturday 21 September

Sacrament of Confirmation

Sunday 13 October 9am

Yours in Christ,

Melanie Stratford

Religious Education Coordinator 

Sustainability in Action

​Market stalls were not only a charitable success, but a sustainable one as well! Many students were mindful of limiting packaging and even created useful household goods that promote sustainability.

Ella takes the win with homemade beeswax wraps and reusable metal straws.


Scarlett and Dylan refill drink bottles with cordial, providing a waste-free treat option.


Ellie and Drina create home-made dog biscuits in an effort to eliminate unnecessary packaging and waste.


Don’t forget to send in your used toothpaste, floss containers, toothbrushes and other oral care waste and put in our collection box by 1 Teal.


“The earth will not continue to offer its harvest, except with faithful stewardship. We cannot say we love the land and then take steps to destroy it for use by future generations.”

Pope John Paul II

Ryan McGee

Sustainability Coordinator 

From the Defence School Mentor

We had fun this week making necklaces and cute craft creations in Defence Kids Club Tuesday first break. Of course there was the usual lego and hot wheels car tracks on offer this week too. Tuesday second break had a great turn out for Ninja Warrior Challenges and congratulations to all the Ninjas for completing their second attempt faster than their first. Special mention to Isabelle for her unorthodox approach. Very entertaining.


ADFA Production – Footloose

If you want to get footloose and kick off the Sunday shoes, the ADFA Performing Arts Company will be performing Footloose as their annual Production.

Come and support the cadets and midshipmen who have been rehearsing tirelessly over the last few months.

Performances are from the 15 - 17 Aug 19 at the Adams Auditorium, ADFA. Doors open at 1830 for a 1900 start.

Entry is a gold coin donation and all proceeds will go to Legacy Australia

DCO Fathers Day Event – Cuppacumbalong

ADF members and families in the ACT and surrounds are invited to join a fun-filled Father’s Day at Cuppacumbalong Homestead. This event has activities on offer for the whole family to enjoy! Sunday 1st September. Please check the link below to register your interest in this free event.

Sally Adams

Defence Support Mentor 


Opening Hours:

Tuesday 8:45am to 9:15am

Friday 8:30am to 9:00am

Summer uniforms are now available for purchase via Qkr!

Remember, if you cannot make it during opening hours, you can order your uniforms via Qkr! for delivery to your child's classroom.

Congratulations to this week's award recipients. 

Foundation Red

Sophie H

Amani N

3 Silver

Zoe C

Erika A

Foundation White

Moira K

Edmund G

Eloise F-S

4 Blue

Mia R

Elise M

1 Purple

Holly H

Sebastian R

4 Orange

Alli P

Travis M

1 Teal

Henry A

James M

5 Gold

Ella O

Alarna N

2 Magenta

Oliver A

Diego L

Dev J

5 Green

Madeleine S

Alexandria S

2 Yellow

Amaani S

Hamish D

6 Black

Lucy E

Tashneet K

3 Lime


Happy birthday to these students celebrating their birthdays this week.

Lucy M
Sofia W
Emilia R
Miriam S
Patrick M