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Week 9 Term 2 2019 Newsletter

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Week 9 Term 2 2019 Newsletter

Dear Parents and the St Joseph’s Community,


This week, our wonderful librarian Catherine underwent a procedure to help with her health. Through all our prayers, and the many kind thoughts and well wishes, Catherine is now starting her road to recovery, already letting me know she can’t wait to be back with us. Please, over the coming weeks, keep Catherine and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

On Friday, Semester One Reports will be sent home with the students. The reports are written to the parents, so the expectation is that the report is taken home unopened. Please take the time to read your child’s report and consider the information the teacher has provided within it. This is an important part of communication between the school and home, providing a snap shot of achievements and often suggestions for areas of improvement. It is best, for you as parents, to read the report and then to share with your child the successes they have achieved and then to discuss any goals they might work towards in the second half of the year.

Again this year, I have shared an article by Michael Grose called, Reading Your Child’s Report. It provides some valuable suggestions for parents as the reports come home.

Parent / Teacher Meetings

Another important part of the shared communication between school and home is the opportunity to meet with teachers. Next week, there are formal Parent / Teacher Meetings to allow feedback to parents about the progress of their child and to set some goals for the second half of the year. This year we are using the new Schoolzine platform to book and manage the organisation of the Parent / Teacher Meetings. Please follow the two links below to access the booking process.

Please note that these meetings are only 10 minutes and it is important to stay to time as other meetings are arranged around them. 

Link to the booking platform:​ 

Link to a guide for the booking process:

The booking system will close at 12pm on Sunday. 

Trivia Night

Have you bought your tickets for a great night this Saturday 29 June. The staff team has been studying up and planning our outfits! The YMCA team have laid down the challenge as well! Tickets are still available, so either get together a table or go onto the Qkr! app and sign up to meet some new friends! See the flyer attached.

House Point System

We are coming to the end of the first term of the House Points School Wide Positive Behaviour Program. The students are very aware that the winning House is still very much up for grabs, especially with the pizza lunch reward on offer. I have asked the school on a number of occasions to indicate what behaviours have been recognised by teachers and other students. Please ask your child what they may have received some House Points for this term. The winning House will be announced on Monday.

Don't forget to follow our page on Facebook to keep up to date and to support our fantastic school.

Next term, we will be starting 'meet the teacher' posts. Teachers will be answering questions the students want to know about them. Believe me, there are some very interesting questions! 

Have a great end to the week.

Cameron Tarrant


Liturgical Life of the Church

Liturgical Season: Ordinary Time

Liturgical Season Colour: Green


This coming Sunday we celebrate the Feast Day of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.

In the Gospel (Matthew 16:13-19), Peter professes his belief that Jesus is the Messiah and Jesus sees Peter’s ability to recognise Jesus as given by God. Saint Peter played a vital role in the early Christian community and helped to build the Church. This was a role given to him by God. We continue to honor Peter and those who have followed him as leaders in the Church. Today we recognise and honour the Pope as Peter's successor. Like Peter, the Pope reminds us that we are a people united in the faith that Jesus is God's Son.

Celebrating Sacraments

Sacrament of First Holy Communion

Last Sunday was a wonderful celebration as our Catholic community came together to celebrate the First Holy Communion of children in our community. Thank you to all the families for allowing us the privilege of walking this journey with your child. Special occasions require much preparation and planning. A big thank you to Ms Doszpot, Mr Stephens, Mrs Carroll and Mrs Coghlan who have supported these children in class and during our Saturday evening preparation sessions.  Thank you also to the many staff who supported these families through your presence on Sunday. 

Congratulations to these children and their families:

Tihana Brozinic

Milli Caputo

Frieda Cookson

Hamish Donovan

Olivia Fairweather

Leon Fields-Smith

Thomas Fletcher

Layla Foot

Addison Fordham

Ashley Fothergill

Joshua Giucci

Amelia Grant

Ananias Grixti-Cheng

Olivia Lanigan-O'Keeffe

Jordan Leemhuis

Juliana Lulic

Angela Lulic

Travis Minihan

Thomas Minihan

Sophie Moes

Gracie O'Connor

Joshua O'Keeffe

Skye Pentland 

Sophie Polak

Francesca  Quigley

Leonardo  Quigley

Mia Risco

Emilia Robinson

Josephine Sill

Kristian Slatter

Amalija Stravopodis

Kristina Subasic

Maxmilian Sweetapple

Laura Tarrant

Mary Ugwumba

Pawel Walker

Kennedy Walters

Sacrament of Confirmation


Students in Year 6 can now be enrolled in the Sacrament of Confirmation at the link below. Please add the Sacrament of Confirmation and preparation session dates and times to your calendars. A reminder that the Sacrament of Confirmation will take place with Archbishop Christopher Prowse on the last Sunday of the holidays before Term 4 commences.

Please enrol at

Please contact Father Paul  if you have any questions about the Sacrament of Confirmation at:

Confirmation Classes

(Year 6)

5.15pm in the Learning Hub followed by Mass at 6.00pm in the Church

Saturday 31 August

Saturday 7 September

Saturday 14 September

Saturday 21 September

Sacrament of Confirmation

Sunday 13 October 9am

Social Action & Justice

Last week we heard about how our partnership with Riamabana changes the lives of


the children who attend the Riamabana Academy. Next term we will hold a Market day on the Feast Day of St Mary Mackillop on Thursday 8th August. Saint Mary Mackillop is well known for her philosophy of ‘Never see a need without doing something about it.’ At St Joseph’s we see the needs of the children who attend the Riamabana Academy and we plan to do something about it. 

This week, interested children will be bringing home some information about putting forward a fundraising proposal. Children can work on their own, in friendship or family groups to contribute to our Market Day.

This year we have been asked to support the building of an additional toilet block as the academy has outgrown the existing facilities. This building works which will significantly improve the conditions for the children at the academy will cost $2 500. 

Student Prayer Focus

Our Student Prayer Focus over the coming month reconnects us with our focus scripture for 2019: Matthew 28:16-20. In our focus scripture the disciples are commissioned and Jesus tells them that he is with them always. 


Just as the disciples were commissioned, we too are invited to  “go and make disciples of all nations” and in doing so are Glorifying Christ with our lives.

How will you Glorify Christ with your life this week?

In classrooms this week you will see that green leaves are once again being added to the trees in each class prayer space. The green leaf symbolises Ordinary Time. On each leaf of a word or phrase is written which symbolise how each class member will work to glorify Christ with their lives during the week. 

Melanie Stratford

Religious Education Coordinator 

Year 3 Waste Warriors embarked on an important mission last Friday; Going to the source of our waste output at the Recycling Discovery Hub. Students were able to see Canberra's mountain of landfill waste as well as where and how our recyclables are sorted. Year 3 was also able to engage in the recycling process through use of magnets, view innovations in sustainability and experience how recyclables are sorted by size through a trommel.

We learned...

"In 2025 they will be closing down the big mountain of rubbish and they don't have a plan B. We need to reduce the amount of plastic we use," said Antonija.​

You can take your eWaste to the recycling centre and it can be recycled, not dumped in landfill" said Carys K.

"There are gasses like methane that escape the landfill and can kill you" said Will P.

"A lot of people are trying to recycling plastic in the wrong places. You can recycle soft plastics at Coles and Woolworths," said Harry C.

"The mountain at the landfill is 66 metres high," said Violet W.

"Sometimes people put the wrong things in the recycling bin," said Andy M.

"If you are unsure if you can recycle it or not, ask yourself if it is a household item or a household container. Recycling is for household containers," said Mrs. McGee.

Ryan McGee

Sustainability Coordinator 

Year 5 took over the cooking duties this Monday. The girls definitely have a sweet tooth, maple syrup making a special extra appearance on top.


During Defence Kids club this week we had fun testing our drawing skills with Pictionary.


DCO Canberra E-news comes out tri-monthly via email. It includes handy information such as upcoming events, contact details for social groups and links to DCO resources. If you wish to be on the E-News mail out list, send a request to   Alternatively, ‘like’ the DCO Facebook Page to receive information and updates.​​ You can also get up-to-date information on the DCO Eventbrite website  

Sally Adams

Defence Support Mentor 


What you need to know for the night:

  • BYO food and drinks
  • Great silent auction on the night
  • Prizes for the best dressed on the night, the best decorated table and possibly even the best air guitar performace!
  • Don't forget to bring along gold coins and extra cash for some fun games and great raffles on the night.

A huge thank you to all the families and companies who have sponsored our 2019 Trivia Night. We have some amazing prizes!


Tiffany Fletcher

P&F President

Congratulations to this week's award recipients. 

Foundation Red

Annabelle F

Vairaj B

3 Silver

Hamish E

Loko F

Lucy P

Foundation White

Teilo K-J

Chloe F-S

4 Blue

Addison F

Jordan L

1 Purple

Emily G

Ishana M

Dylan McG

4 Orange

Amalija S

Knox P

Joshua G

1 Teal

Isabella H

Mary C

Liesel P

5 Gold

Chelsea P

Alarna N

2 Magenta

Scarlett P

Christopher B

5 Green

Cameron J

Amelia M

2 Yellow

Jimmy P

Ngawang C

6 Black

Miller W

Gemma W

3 Lime

Pritika T

Maggie M


Happy birthday to these students celebrating their birthdays this week.

Faith Y
Zach B
Asher K