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Week 6 Term 1 2023 Newsletter

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Week 6 Term 1 2023 Newsletter

    Dear Parents, Carers and the St Joseph’s Community,

    Autumn Prayer

           O God of Creation, you have blessed us with the changing of the seasons.               As we embrace these autumn months, May the earlier setting of the sun remind us to take time to rest.

    May the crunch of the leaves beneath our feet remind us of the brevity of this  earthly life.

    May the steam of our breath in the cool air remind us that it is you who give us
    your breath of life.

    May the migration of the birds remind us that you call us to follow your will.

    We praise you for your goodness forever and ever.


    Business as usual... as much as possible

    Schools are inherently busy places and St Joseph's is certainly no different. Our teaching and learning is planned, taught and assessed carefully to meet the Australian Curriculum and, more importantly, the needs of our students. It is important then that interruptions are minimised throughout the day so that this teaching and learning can take place.

    We currently have an increasing number of allied services accessing the school to work with students during the day, which in many instances is necessary. However, I would ask parents to arrange appointments and sessions outside of school hours where possible. When we have students leave the classroom to work on programs outside of their normal program of learning, it impacts the flow of the classroom and makes the school busier with people coming and going. 

    Likewise, it is important that students are at school for the start of the school day - 8.50am. When they are at school for Morning Gathering, they have the opportunity to socialise and 'find their place' for the day. When students arrive late, they miss this opportunity and also find it difficult to pick up their learning once a lesson has begun.

    If you need to collect your child for an appointment, please ensure they are aware of the time, and also inform their teacher. When Front Office staff need to stop what they are doing to deliver a message or to collect a student, it further disrupts the 'business' of the day. We thank all parents for their assistance with these areas. 

    School Fee Statements 

    Of late, the Front Office has been receiving requests for Fee Statements to be issued electronically. There is a new operating system coming online in the coming months and we are hopeful that when in place, there will be the option for electronic statements. Until such time, fees will continue to be delivered as hard copies. In the lead-up to this transition, please note that the Qkr! function for fee payments is no longer available as a payment option for school fees. 

    Seasons for Growth


    The Seasons for Growth Children and Young People's Program strengthens the social and emotional wellbeing of children and young people (aged 6-18 years) who have experienced significant change or loss in their lives. The program provides a safe learning environment for children and young people where they can give voice to their experiences, understand and befriend their feelings, learn skills that help them adapt, develop friendships, and recognise ‘I’m not the only one’.

    Seasons for Growth is an innovative, evidence-based change, loss and grief education program that draws on the metaphor of the seasons to understand the experience of grief. It builds the knowledge and skills necessary to strengthen social and emotional wellbeing following significant loss by:

    • Exploring the impact of change and loss
    • Learning about effective ways to respond and adapt

    Participants learn that they are not alone in their experience of change, loss and grief, and are able to build their communication, decision making and problem solving skills within the context of a safe and supportive peer group learning environment.

    All Seasons for Growth programs are grounded in sound, person-centred educational principles.

    St Joseph’s would like to offer this program here at school. Jo Krippner will run this program and is looking for students who would benefit from being a part of ‘Seasons for Growth’. If you would like your child to have the opportunity to be involved please email Jo at

    Future of Education Equity Fund 2023

    Apply now for the Future of Education Equity Fund for the 2023 school year. Eligible low-income ACT families can receive one-off payments for financial assistance to help cover the costs of their children’s educational expenses such as sport equipment and activities, music lessons, school uniforms and excursions.

    The Fund is open to eligible students enrolled in preschools (attached to a school) through to Year 12 in the ACT. Further information and the online application form is available here.

    Have an enjoyable end to the week!
    Yours in Christ,
    Amy Doszpot
    Assistant Principal 
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    BOOK CLUB is going home today

    DUE 24th March Friday Week 8


    This week in Library I have been showing Year 3-6 students how to use SORA. Here is a quick overview of how to access free online books at home.


    Georgina Jaram

    Sustainability in Action


    We are very excited about the upcoming Sip and Swap charity event! The details you need to know:

    - Bring in 5 or more items of good quality clothing (handbags, jewellery, shoes, etc) during Week 7 drop off or pick-up. Please include hangers for items which need them.

    - Purchase a ticket on Qkr! Money raised will go towards helping women in need at MacKillop House in Lyneham. 

    - Guest Speaker Julie Boulton will discuss sustainability and fashion, and why we need to rethink the way we consume.

    - We sip and shop for our own 5 items to take home!

    As this is a sustainable event, we are looking to borrow any spare clothing racks, mirrors or mannequins.

    “As consumers, we have so much power to change the world by just being careful in what we buy” - Emma Watson. 

    Ryan McGee

    Sustainability Coordinator

    Sporting News 

    Swimming Carnival: 

    What an amazing day!!! Thank you to all our swimmers, teachers, and helpers! The day wouldn’t have run as smoothly as it did without you. 

    There were smiles all around and lots of cheering. The final points for the day were: 

    4th place - Loretto - 182 points 

    3rd place - Madonna - 183 points

    2nd place - Fattima - 184 points 

    1st place - Lourdes - 190 points







    Cross Country Carnival: 

    The 2023 St Joseph Cross Country will take place at the O’Connor District Playing fields on Friday 31 March from 11:40 am - 1:25 pm. More information to follow during the term. If you would like to volunteer to help, please email me.

    Mel Moore 

    Does your child ski or snowboard?

    Participating in the 2022 Interschool Snowsport Championships is a great way for St Joseph’s students to have fun and improve their skills while representing our fantastic school on the snow. 

    Interschools provides an opportunity for students of all ages to experience snowsport and participate at a recreational or competitive level. Students from Kindergarten to Year 12 compete for their school as part of a team in any of the nine events. You can find more about the events on the Interschools website.

    While students from all ability levels are encouraged to enter the events as the emphasis is on fun and participation, it is advised that all competitors are able to link turns and ride a chairlift/T-bar confidently prior to competing.

    The ACT and Regional NSW Interschools Snowsport Championships are scheduled at Perisher between 18 and 21 July 2023 (see schedule).

    There are some fees for registering and racing and parents/guardians are responsible for arranging accommodation, meals & tickets for the duration of the Championship which will be held at Perisher. Perisher usually guarantees tickets will be available for sale to all competitors for their races dates.

    If you think your child might be interested in participating email Christina Grant ( to ask questions or register your interest.  


      Canteen News

      Uniform Shop News


      Happy birthday to these students who celebrated their birthday this week:


      Harriet P
      Rinisha G
      Genevieve G

      Congratulations to the Week 6 award recipients. 

      Foundation Red

      Lana F

      Elijah A

      Foundation White

      Finlay M

      Annabelle S

      1 Purple

      Brooke H

      Finn M

      1 Teal

      Kensington S

      Aaron R

      2 Magenta

      Wilhelmina C

      Ethan T

      Poppy Z

      2 Yellow

      Remy U

      George H

      Archie McD

      3 Black

      Adam L

      Enoch A

      3 Navy

      Alexander B

      Indie M

      4 Gold

      Karma L

      Gonzalo O

      Delphi U

      4 Green

      Tresa S

      Jeremy P

      5 Blue

      Caetano A

      James J

      Lara S

      5 Orange

      6 Lime

      Ashley F

      Olivia O

      6 Silver

      Olivia D

      Emilia R


      Mia B

      Mary C