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Week 11 Term 4 2021 Newsletter

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Week 11 Term 4 2021 Newsletter

    Dear parents, carers and the wider school community,

    This week brings to an end a school year of incredible highs and some significant challenges. What we can be most pleased about is how as a community we have supported each other and grown from all that 2021 has brought.

    As we head into the coming week, with the birth of Christ into our lives, may the season of Christmas bring each of you, and the wonderful students at St Joseph’s, every joy and happiness.

    The sun has arrived finally, so I wish you all a fabulous summer break and look forward to welcoming you all back to St Joseph’s in 2022.

    Year 6 Graduation

    Last Thursday, and again on Monday night, we had the opportunity to farewell our Year 6 leaders as they head to high school in 2022. The Graduation Mass was a lovely gathering, allowing for us to celebrate the year and to be thankful for the community that we have. We also announced the winner of the James Parkes Award for 2021 – Daniel McKinnon. Congratulations! In 2022, we will reintroduce the James Parkes Award early in the year and define the award for the community to promote it as a known and understood recognition of a student within our school.

    End of Term

    This Friday we will farewell our Year 6 students, but it will not be in the usual ‘tunnel’. Instead, all classes will come out onto the oval and be seated in their class groups, allowing us to recognise and farewell our Year 6s. I know that traditionally we have had all parents welcome, and often attending the school on the final day, but this year I ask that only the Year 6 parents and those of students leaving St Joseph’s, attend this informal send off at 2.45pm. Thank you for your understanding.


    We are continuing to finalise staffing for 2022, as some late changes have resulted in  positions becoming available. Mrs Jo Reed, who was due to join us next year from St John Vianney’s, has accepted a position elsewhere. Therefore, over the break we will appoint teachers for Year 4 and also Italian, and I will communicate progress as soon as possible. I thank you for understanding that change always occurs and that we are excited about all that 2022 will bring. We wish those staff who are leaving us at the end of this week, every success as they take on new challenges.


    Classes 2022

    The classes for 2022 have been finalised and today the students have been told their teacher for next year. Tomorrow afternoon, between 2.15- 3.00pm, the new classes will come together with their new teacher, if possible, to have time as a class. This can be an exciting time, but also an anxious time for children. How your children see you respond to the classes for next year, will give them a very important message. 

    Christmas Eve Vigil

    Fr Paul has kindly agreed to a children-focussed Christmas Eve vigil (6pm) Mass at St Joseph’s in O’Connor.

    If you or your children are interested in participating in the liturgy, particularly the music, please contact Pip Cleary on 0429 864237 or Tiffany Fletcher. We hope to see many St Joseph’s families there to celebrate the birth of Christ.

    Once again, thank you all for your continued support this year. Have a happy and holy Christmas.

    Yours in Christ,

    Cameron Tarrant

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    A final wrap up for the year, and what a year it has been. Christmas is one of the most significant times for us as Catholics to celebrate. Like Mary and Joseph, who faced many difficulties on their journey to Bethlehem, we too have overcome many challenges this year. Our constant trust and faith in God provides us all with the strength and ability to tackle obstacles that may come our way. Let us remember during this festive season that each of us has a specific purpose. Allow us to embrace the message of Christmas, focusing on the hope, love, joy and peace that this important season brings. Our journey will not always be smooth sailing. There will be hurdles to jump and mountains to climb, however, our faith will support us to overcome these challenges and come out the other side stronger, with more courage and focus.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our families at St Joseph’s for your ongoing support to all of our staff and students. The partnership we have with you enables us to provide your children with a faith-filled education. We have enjoyed watching our students grow and thrive this year, and we look forward to what 2022 brings. Have a Merry Christmas, and may the peace of Jesus be with you all during this holiday season.


    Advent Prayer Celebrations

    Advent is the period of preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus at


    Christmas. Advent is celebrated over 4 weeks, each week holding a significant focus. Each of these focuses represent the virtues that Jesus brought us; hope, love, joy and peace.

    Our final Advent Prayer Celebration will be held in the hall.  These prayers will be an opportunity for us to acknowledge one of the most important times in our Catholic lives.

    Advent Prayer Details:

    Week 11 - Thursday 16 December                Peace - lead by 4 Green

    Parents are invited to attend the prayer celebration their child is involved in. Please be mindful that COVID protocols will be in place. Even outside, social distancing is still required.



    For further information or any questions regarding Religious Education and events, please feel free to contact me via email:





    There are library books still outstanding, please take a look around your home. Don’t forget to look in all those unseen places books like to hide!

    Please email me directly if you can’t find them at

    REMINDER - the canteen will NOT be open on the last day of school, Friday 17 December 2021

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


    Katie Jenkin

    Canteen Manager

    Congratulations to the Week 10 award recipients. 

    Foundation Red

    Jack S

    Austin F

    Foundation White

    Mia K

    Jackson B

    1 Purple

    Rishaan M

    Tilly McG

    1 Teal

    Eloise McD

    Dakota W

    2 Magenta

    Russell G

    2 Yellow

    Arlie B

    Conor McG

    3 Black

    Henry A

    Leah F

    3 Navy

    Julian F

    Dylan McG

    Sebastian R

    4 Gold

    Faith Y

    Stefano V

    4 Green

    Olivia O

    Lawrence C

    Louis P

    5 Blue

    Samuel S

    Zoe B

    5 Orange

    Max M

    Daniel G

    6 Lime

    Milli C

    Juliana L

    6 Silver

    Jaime W

    Frieda C


    Happy birthday to these students who celebrated their birthday this week, and over the holidays:


    Ryan McG
    Elise M
    Andrew S
    Emily G
    Alexander M
    Daniel A
    Mira K
    Janek W
    Gonzalo O-H
    Tilly McG
    Dakota W
    Luerice G
    Imogen W
    Pawel W
    Sienna S
    Alyssa S
    Henry A
    Jeremy S
    Reese McG
    Raksha N
    Rudhra N
    Ewan S
    Rachel N
    Beau W
    Emanuel S
    Lola O
    Indie M
    Addison F
    Leo W
    Xander W
    Owen H
    Dominic S
    Ugyean P
    Archie A
    Hamish E

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