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Week 9 Term 4 2021 Newsletter

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Week 9 Term 4 2021 Newsletter
    1.jpgGod of all life…

    May your love and light shine in and through me today
    In a way that no mask can hide.
    May my eyes dance with the laughter and joy
    Replacing my hidden smile.
    May my actions of care and concern
    Speak louder than my muffled voice ever could.
    And may the generosity of my heart
    Radiate out through who I am
    And how I respond to the world around me
    So that others may not see my mask
    But your image shining out
    Moving in and through me today.

    Br Michael Herry fms

    Dear parents and carers, 


    Last Sunday was the first Sunday of Advent. This most important time in the liturgical year prepares us for the birth of Christ, and the fulfilment of a promise. 2021 has presented us all with challenges, beyond what we imagined possible, but with hope we look forward to the Holy season of Christmas and the joy that it holds for each of us.  


    This week I have met with and enrolled more students who are


     starting at St Joseph’s in 2022. It is wonderful to have families come to our school because of the great reputation we have in the wider Canberra community.

    We still have enrolment places across the school and in the Early Learning Centre. Please, if you know anyone looking to enrol in 2022, encourage them to make contact with the school or ELC as soon as possible.


    Wizard of Oz

    The final touches are going on, and the atmosphere is building… it is almost ‘show time’!

    Tickets will go home with the eldest child in each family, tomorrow. The tickets clearly indicate the performance chosen, and these tickets must be presented on the day.

    Please be sure to have a read of the information that was sent home earlier in the week and also via Compass today.

    It will be a fabulous time for our school community.

    Parent / Teacher Interviews

    Thank you to the teachers, and to parents and carers, who have engaged in Parent / Teacher Interviews in recent weeks. 2021 has been a year of challenges, but wonderful successes too, so it has been important to have the opportunity to provide feedback on student progress and areas for growth in 2022.

    School Board

    Last Wednesday, the final School Board meeting for 2021 was held here at school, before a social gathering to celebrate another successful year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Pip Cleary as Board Chair. 2021 has presented a number of challenges and Pip’s support and guidance has been greatly appreciated. We wish Pip and her family all the best in the coming years, before returning to St Joseph’s. Thank you also to Kimberly McDonald, Rachael Whiteley-Black, Tom Tokic, Kieran Fordham and Zoe Cawdron for their time and contributions whilst on the School Board.

    We also received nominations for the 2022 School Board. I would like to thank all in our school community, who take the opportunity to actively get involved in the school and I look forward to an exciting 2022.

    The School Board for 2022 is:

    Fr Paul Nulley

    Molly Henson

    Amy Doszpot

    Cameron Tarrant

    Rebecca Jackson

    Si Kayser

    James Strachan

    Simon Foftus

    Alicia Porter

    Jane Childs


    Positions and roles on the Board will be elected at the first meeting in 2022.


    At the last P&F Meeting for 2021, I was also able to thank and acknowledge the work of many who have assisted across various areas of the school this year. Thank you to Kate Osborn as P&F President and to all members of the P&F for their efforts during another difficult year. I would also like to mention Alison Marks, who after many years’ involvement in the school, and on the P&F, attended her final meeting. Our school relies on the dedication and energy of many, and I would like to thank Alison for all that she has contributed over the years.

    Please see the full P&F report further in this newsletter.

    Have a great end to the week.

    Yours in Christ,

    Cameron Tarrant

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    St Joseph’s Sacramental Program


    The Sacrament of Confirmation:

    Date:                        Saturday 4 December

    Location:                  St Joseph’s Catholic Church

    Attendees:                10 guests per/family                                            (including the candidate)

    Attire:                       Smart casual (It is                                               not mandated that                                              students need to wear white)

    Time:                         2:00pm and 3:00pm 


    Year 6 Graduation Mass

    Date of Mass:                          Thursday 9 December

    Time:                                      12:00pm

    Restrictions have been slightly eased. Four guests per Year 6 student are now permitted. Please note COVID safe protocols are still in place. Please allow time on arrival to check-in via the CBR QR code. Social distancing is also required, so we request one family per pew.

    Please note COVID safe protocols are still in place.  Please allow time on arrival to check-in via the CBR QR code.  Social distancing is required.

    Advent Prayer Celebrations

    Advent is the period of preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus at


    Christmas. Advent is celebrated over 4 weeks, each week holding a significant focus. Each of these focuses represent the virtues that Jesus brought us; hope, love, joy and peace.

    This year, our Advent Prayer Celebrations will take place outside under the trees (alternatively in the hall if there is wet weather). These prayers will be an opportunity for us to acknowledge one of the most important times in our Catholic lives.

    Advent Prayer Details:

    Week 9 - Friday 3 December                    Love - lead by 4 Gold

    Week 10 - Friday 10 December                     Joy - lead by 5 Orange

    Week 11 - Thursday 16 December                Peace - lead by 4 Green

    Parents are invited to attend the prayer celebration their child is involved in. Please be mindful that COVID protocols will be in place. Even outside, social distancing is still required.



    For further information or any questions regarding Religious Education and events, please feel free to contact me via email:




    There are still over 500 books still outstanding, please take a look around your home. Don’t forget to look in all those unseen places books like to hide!

    Please email me directly if you can’t find them at

    The St Joseph's Parents and Friends Association (P&F) Annual General Meeting was held on 21 November. It was terrific to see some new faces from the school community at the meeting, along with the 2021 P&F Committee members.

    The meeting provided an opportunity to reflect on and recognise the perseverance of the school community through the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to present. Despite the challenges, highlights for the year have included the hugely successful nachos days, doing 'our bit' to recycle by collecting 10c bottles and cans, and of course our Big Night In. While our aim is always to encourage some fun for the kids and to bring our school community together, the funds raised through these activities, as well as the school canteen and uniform shop, are returned to the community by way of the P&F funding or donating to school events, purchasing equipment for the playground and classrooms, and this year, new chairs for the school hall.

    Thank you to the 2021 P&F Committee members for their time and commitment throughout the year. 

    Nominations for 2022 P&F Committee positions were accepted as follows:

    President: Rachael Whiteley-Black

    Vice President: Kate Osborn

    Treasurer: Felicity Loftus

    School Board Representative: Nicole Mahar

    Communications Officer: Sarah Anderson

    Secretary: Frances McNamara

    Canteen Representative: Nichole Hanlon

    Two positions were not filled at the meeting. If you are interested in joining a fun, dedicated group of people and helping the P&F as Fundraising Coordinator or Uniform Shop Coordinator, please get in contact with Rachael Whitely-Black (P&F President) - 

    In 2022 we are looking forward to welcoming more parents and carers to our Committee meetings and, COVID allowing, arranging some community events that we have missed so much this year. In particular, we will be working with the organising committee and school community to bring our two-yearly fete to life! Our first Committee meeting will be held at 7pm on Wednesday of Week 2, Term 1, 2022. All are warmly welcome.

    Frances McNamara

    P&F Secretary 

    Hello parents and carers,

    It has been a pleasure to run the school canteen this year, thank you to the lovely volunteers, I really appreciate your help.   If anyone has a spare hour or two on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday please don’t hesitate to email me on or contact me on 0417046062.  It is always lovely to see new faces in the canteen.

    As we are getting close to the end of the school term, I will be holding a bake sale for students on Week 10, Thursday 9 December, during first and second break.  The price list is below.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



    Katie Jenkin

    Canteen Manager


    • A uniform shop coordinator is needed to help with promoting the shop, coordinating volunteers, and managing stock levels and sales processes.

    • If you can spare a few hours a fortnight, enjoy working with others, and maybe even have some experience in retail we'd love to hear from you.
    Please contact the school if you would like to find out more or to get in touch with Nichole Mahar, the curernt Uniform Shop Coordinator. 

    Congratulations to the Week 6 award recipients. 

    Foundation Red

    Sebastian B

    Filipa F

    Foundation White

    Hamish McD

    Cooper D

    1 Purple

    Audrey B

    Christian D

    1 Teal

    Azrielle T

    Adam L

    2 Magenta

    Tresa S

    2 Yellow

    Aria K

    Jack D

    3 Black

    Ryan McD

    Bonnie P

    3 Navy

    Patrick M

    James J

    4 Gold

    Dechen P

    4 Green

    Santiago K

    Kobe P

    5 Blue

    Sam S

    Bridget M

    5 Orange

    Hamish E

    Matthew S

    6 Lime

    Celeste P

    Knox P

    6 Silver

    Ebenezer A

    Kennedy W


    Happy birthday to these students who celebrated their birthday this week.


    Sahana B
    Christian D
    Sebastian R

    See the St Joseph's Entertainment Guide link here