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Week 5 Term 4 2021 Newsletter

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Week 5 Term 4 2021 Newsletter

Dear parents and carers,

DONUT you know how much we missed you all?

I hope on Monday, when you asked your children how their day was, that they enjoyed their small welcome back treat. It was so nice to have everyone back, even if we have a few protocols in place that are changing our usual day. One measure being taken that is having an impact, is the separation of cohorts during the day. Each morning the children are going to different parts of the playground, and again at break times. These measures are to assist, should there be a case within the school, with keeping students and staff safe and able to return to school more quickly.

Another measure at present, is the use of the drive-thru of an afternoon. I am aware that this causes some congestion for 10 – 15 minutes each day, but it is an important step to limit the number of visitors onto the school site. If you need to be on site to collect your child, please wait under the trees, remaining physically distanced from others, and the children will be sent across to you. Please do not stand in the carpark and call your child across – this is unsafe and there have already been some near misses.

Aas another way to limit visitors to the Front Office, it is always best that students are at school before the 8.50am bell. This gives them time to see some friends, become comfortable with the start of the day routines and settle into their learning. I can not highlight enough, the impact it has walking into a classroom once the learning / day has started and expecting a student to engage effectively. If a student is 10 minutes late each day, as some are, it equates to over a week of school that is missed during the year. I  also remind parents that, where possible, appointments are arranged for outside of school hours and early pick-ups are minimised at the moment. Limiting visitors into the school is an important aspect of our COVID-safe protocols.

Thank you all for your support and understanding with these matters.


The St Joseph's BIG NIGHT IN is happening!! Next Friday night, via Zoom. Full details in the P&F Section of this Newsletter.


2022 Classes   

Going home with students in Foundation to Year 5 next Monday, will be the 2022 Socio-gram. This is an important aspect to our planning as we begin to look at placing the students into their new classes for 2022. This is always a very carefully considered process that begins with the current teacher and what they know of each student and, first and foremost, their learning. At the same time, all social aspects of friendships and new opportunities are taken into account. On the Socio-gram, we ask you and your child to consider 3 friends that they would like to be in a class with in 2022. The intention is to ensure that each student is paired with at least one of their friends they nominate.

If there is specific information that parents would like to advise me of to assist the composition of classes for 2022, then this must be done so in writing to me either via email or letter by no later than Friday 26 November. This does not include requests for particular teachers, nor does it include considerations other than the learning needs of your child. Each year is a new start for all students, and teachers, and therefore only information provided this year is taken into consideration when putting classes together for 2022.

Supporting the School – The P&F and School Board

Once again, I invite all parents to consider involving themselves in the activities of the P&F as a way to build our school community and contribute in some way. The P&F works to promote the role of all parents within the school, as well as support fundraising efforts to provide resources for the students. The P&F operates and oversees the Canteen and Uniform Shop, at the same time offering an opportunity for all parents to contribute to community events and the school in general. 

Therefore, please consider nominating yourself to join the P&F. All parents are members of the P&F, and can attend the AGM on Wednesday 10 November at 7pm via Teams. All positions on the P&F are declared vacant each year, so any and all nominations are welcome.

Please email to be sent the Teams link for the P&F Meeting, or to find out more about how you can support and contribute to the wider St Joseph’s community.

2022 is a fete year as well!


Likewise, the Board plays a vital role in the functioning of the school and is an extremely worthwhile avenue for parents to assist with the success of the school. The Board’s work is dedicated to enhancing all that happens for your children at our school and we endeavour to work towards our vision of St Joseph’s being an excellent school within a Christ-centred community. 

Unlike the P&F, the School Board is comprised of elected members, voted in if necessary, who take on a two-year position on the Board. Members can only serve three consecutive terms. Please consider if you have particular skills and capabilities that may build on the excellent work of the current and past Boards.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact me or refer to the linked information and nomination form below. Nominations close Monday 22 November, in time for consideration at the next Board meeting on Wednesday 24 November.

School Board Nomination Form 2022

Foundation Orientation Day

On Wednesday 10 November at 5.30 – 6.15pm, all Foundation 2022 students are invited to spend an orientation session at school. This will be a chance for the children to meet some teachers and to orient themselves to the physical layout of the classroom and school. The timing of the orientation is to best fit with the COVID safe plans that are currently in place and allow an opportunity for me to meet with parents as well. It is vital that all families attend this session.

An email was sent to all incoming Foundation families last week. Please contact the school if you have not received this communication. 

Have a great end to the week.

Yours in Christ,

Cameron Tarrant


St Joseph’s Sacramental Program

It is exciting to announce that we now have some dates we have locked in with Fr Paul to celebrate the Sacrament of First Eucharist and the Sacrament of  Confirmation.

The Sacrament of First Eucharist:

Date of Sacrament:               Tuesday 9 November

Time:                                   5:15pm

Unfortunately, due to capacity restrictions in the church, the numbers are strictly restricted to the sacramental candidate and two family members. There will be allocated seating with the students' names.

The Sacrament of Confirmation:

Date:             Saturday 4 December

Location:       St Joseph’s Catholic Church

Attendees:    Candidate, two family members and one sponsor

Attire:           Smart casual (It is not mandated that students need to wear white)

Time:            2:00pm and 3:00pm (Please note the additional Mass time)

Please note due to the quick time frame, the registrations will only be open for ONE WEEK.

Registration Link:      

Registrations Closing Date: Friday 5 November

All enrolments and payments must be done via the St Joseph’s Parish Website (not the school Qkr! account). Workbooks will be provided to each student enrolled and are to be completed at home, with their parents.         

Due to capacity restrictions in the church, the numbers are limited to the sacramental candidate, two family members and one sponsor. There will be allocated seating with the students' names. To enable the candidate’s sponsor to attend, we will be holding the sacrament over two separate masses. This means each candidate will be allocated a time. Further information regarding your mass time will be provided to families next week.

Year 6 Graduation Mass

Date of Mass:                          Thursday 9 December

Time:                                      12:00pm

Unfortunately, due to capacity restrictions in the church, the numbers are strictly restricted to the Year 6 students and two family members. There will be allocated seating with the students' names. If restrictions ease over the coming weeks, families will be notified with an update.

Advent Prayer Celebrations

Advent is the period of preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus at Christmas. Advent is celebrated over 4 weeks, each week holding a significant focus. Each of these focuses represent the virtues that Jesus brought us; hope, love, joy and peace.


This year, our Advent Prayer Celebrations will take place outside under the trees. These prayers will be an opportunity for us to acknowledge one of the most important times in our Catholic lives.

Advent Prayer Details:

Week 8 - Friday 26 November                       Hope - lead by 5 Blue

Week 9 - Friday 3 December                         Love - lead by 4 Gold

Week 10 - Friday 10 December                     Joy - lead by 5 Orange

Week 11 - Thursday 16 December                Peace - lead by 4 Green

Parents are invited to attend the prayer celebration their child is involved in. Please be mindful that COVID protocols will be in place. Even outside, social distancing is still required.


For further information or any questions regarding Religious Education and events, please feel free to contact me via email:


  • A uniform shop coordinator is needed to help with promoting the shop, coordinating volunteers, and managing stock levels and sales processes.

  • If you can spare a few hours a fortnight, enjoy working with others, and maybe even have some experience in retail we'd love to hear from you.
Please contact the school if you would like to find out more or to get in touch with Nichole Mahar, the curernt Uniform Shop Coordinator. 

Congratulations to the Week 5 award recipients. 

Foundation Red

Levi N

George H

Foundation White

Ella S

Donald M

1 Purple

Tilly M

Indie M

1 Teal

Beatrice J

Charlie G

2 Magenta

Jeremy P

Emma P

2 Yellow

Owen H

Leilani T

3 Black

Madison A

Connor J

Makur W

3 Navy

Julian F

Holly H

4 Gold

Ashley F

Janek W

4 Green

Maeve M

Vasili P

5 Blue

James A

Odette S

5 Orange

Benjamin L

Maria P

6 Lime

Lachlan D

Sophie P

6 Silver

Kristina S

Jordan C


Happy birthday to these students who celebrated their birthday this week.


Oliver A
Sebastian B
Ian C
Bonnie P
Evie P

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