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Week 2 Term 4 2021 Newsletter

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Week 2 Term 4 2021 Newsletter

Dear parents and carers,

As we prepare for the return to on-site teaching and learning in the coming weeks, I hope that you all are continuing to manage well during remote learning and the easing of restrictions. The prayer this week is from our staff payer on Monday, and I chose to include it today as it speaks about the fact that God gives us the strength and ability to deal with adversity and to see the blessings that surround us. When speaking with the staff, I highlighted that we all are the right people, at the right time, to be able to deal with, and recover from, the challenges of the past two years. Your children will grow to understand the resilience that is needed when facing challenges, and they will draw on the example you have provided throughout the lockdown. Thank you for the example and strength you each have shown.


Tournament of Minds (TOM)

This year, St Joseph’s entered teams into the Tournament of Minds. TOM is an international, team-based problem-solving competition where teams of seven students are given seven weeks to solve a complex problem in the area of the Arts, STEM, Social Sciences or Language Literature. Students need to work together and demonstrate strong communication, time management, and team skills to complete the challenge and present their solutions in a dramatic and creative way.

With the COVID lockdown interrupting the preparations, our four school teams had to move online and work remotely. While this imposed some significant challenges, we are extremely proud of the efforts of our students. St Joseph’s team members showed that they are highly resilient and adapted their ideas and adjusted their presentations to meet the challenges of online presentations.

While all our teams completed the challenges and presented their challenges well, we are extremely excited to announce that our Drama Queens placed second overall in the Language Literature category. This is an amazing outcome and we congratulate the team members for their outstanding efforts.

Thank you to all the students involved, and to Tiffany Fletcher for her support and guidance to have the teams ready to present.

Baby Gould

As announced last week, Riley Harrison Gould was born just before the start of the term. This week it is lovely to be able to introduce him to the school community!


COVID-19 Updates

Earlier this week, FAQs for our return to face-to-face teaching and learning were shared with the school community. It is important to note that we will continue to adjust and adapt our plans to meet the advice from ACT Health, and any guidelines from Catholic Education. We are currently preparing further correspondence to go out to parents and carers early next week, outlining specific measures that will be in place to ensure a safe and welcoming learning and teaching environment when the students return. Please continue to refer to the communications that are sent out via Compass.

Have a great end to the week. Stay safe and go gently.

Cameron Tarrant

Congratulations to the Week 1 award recipients. 

The awards for the previous week during remote learning are published in the newsletter. The awards for the current week are announced in the Friday morning message. 

Foundation Red

Archie A

For using his seed of learning to write sentences and tricky words.

Mason I

For using his seed of learning to write sentences and tricky words.

Foundation White

Jack S

For his enthusiastic approach to remote learning

Yvonne G

For her enthusiastic and expressive reading.

1 Teal

Azi T

For applying her best effort to all home learning tasks

Xander W

For excellent participation during Teams meetings

1 Purple

Gwen VF

Great participation during online InitiaLit lessons. 

Audrey B

Excellent effort to complete all remote learning tasks and demonstrating improvement with writing.  

2 Yellow

Evie M

Making an excellent effort in all aspects of Remote Learning

Conor M

For making a consistent effort to read fluently and with expression

2 Magenta

Ian C

For the excellent writing you are producing. Ian, the sentences you have written are detailed and interesting. Keep up the great work! 

Anna J

For the persistence and attitude you have shown when completing set tasks. It has been great to see you complete work independently and to your best ability. 

3 Black

Emily  G

For her amazing efforts to apply feedback to her work on Frida Kahlo. 

Luke D

For always giving 100% in his learning and going above and beyond what is required from him. 

3 Navy

James J

For using the Seed of Learning to actively improve his reading fluency.

Marvin R

For using the Seed of Creating to plan a creative character for his imaginative narrative.

4 Green

Tom H

Using the Seed of Learning to demonstrate a growth mindset and apply feedback when editing his writing. 

Santiago K

Using the Seed of Learning to show excellent dedication to remote learning tasks and completing work to a high standard. 

4 Gold

Nova S

For showing initiative by solving IT problems during remote learning.

Ugyen P

For the excellent work he is producing in home learning this week. Well Done.

5 Orange

Lekzeen G

Using her seed of learning to demonstrate understanding about freedoms and responsibilities in our Representative Democracy.

Bridget M

Using her seed of learning to develop the comprehension strategy of questioning for deeper understanding of characters and themes in her reading. 

5 Blue

Pritika T

Showing excellent dedication to remote learning tasks and submitting work on time

Max M

For going above and beyond to create an amazing website during remote learning

6 Silver

Chelsea B

For her efforts when planning out narrative texts. 

Tom F

For his excellent description of the varying pace, rhythm and pauses in speeches. 

6 Lime 

Jeremy S

For completing tasks during remote learning and his participation in our Teams meetings. 

Celeste S

For her mathematical reasoning in identifying time and location on a timetable. 

Happy birthday to these students who celebrated their birthday this week.


Rishaan M
Matthew S
Diego L
Kayley A
Konox P
Sophie M
Lara S

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