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Week 9 Term 3 2021 Newsletter

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Week 9 Term 3 2021 Newsletter

Dear Parents, Carers and the St Joseph’s Community,


The past weeks have further reinforced what a remarkable school community we have at St Joseph’s. I have enjoyed the opportunity to join some of the Teams meetings during the day, seeing the students as they meet with their classmates and teachers to stay connected and complete their remote learning lessons. At the same time, as a staff we have continued to come together for professional, and social, discussions and to ensure we finish the term positively.

All the while, I am aware of the challenges that are being lived out each day at home. With today being R U OK Day, I do want to reach out to our school community to genuinely ask how you are going. Please know that we are here to support you as we continue throughout lockdown. 


Considered Return to Face to Face Teaching and Learning

On Wednesday this week, I sent out a letter to all parents and carers via Compass, outlining our two priorities as we consider what returning to face to face teaching and learning may look like. Safety and pastoral care will underpin all planning and decisions as we prepare for a return to school. Included in the letter is a link to a survey that I ask all parents to complete, providing necessary feedback that will help guide our decisions for Term 4.

Virtual Magician!

Next Monday and Tuesday, 13 and 14 September we have arranged some virtual magic shows for your families to enjoy. This is a little way for us to say thank you to all for the wonderful work that has been done during lockdown. All families are invited to join their allocated Zoom magic show, based on their family name. The links to the Zoom meetings will be sent out via Compass on Monday morning, but please set aside the time on your calendar! Please see the flyer below for further details.


Community Wellbeing

Throughout the weeks of lockdown, the staff have created a number of ways to reach out to our school community to show we are missing you all and staying positive. Our efforts can be seen on our school Facebook page - This week, we thought we would turn the task over to the students and families. Our Signs of Hope wellbeing initiative is a way for our community to reach out to each other and to our neighbourhoods. We look forward to seeing just what a difference we can make at this time.


Nature Playground

As has been communicated over the past 12 months, the School Board has been engaging with a landscape designer to prepare plans for the installation of a nature playground at the Boronia Street end of the oval. The Board is very excited to be able to share the initial design plans that are now being reviewed and costed. It is expected that approval of the design plans will occur in the coming weeks. (Apologies for the image quality - seeking a solution)



Unfortunately, the current lockdown and restrictions have impacted many plans that were in place for the last part of Term 3 and into Term 4. Please know that we will endeavour to reschedule those events that are important in the life of our school.

  • Eucharist – This will be rescheduled for Term 4, once restrictions ease.
  • Confirmation – Registrations will not open until further details about Term 4 become available. The date is still set down for Thursday 28 October.
  • Boorowa / Sporting Events – The Boorowa Carnival has been cancelled for 2021. All other sporting events are postponed, but unlikely to go ahead for 2021.
  • Tournament of Minds – Planning is in place to have this take place virtually.
  • School Musical – It is hoped that once we return to school, that the cast will be able to continue rehearsals so that we are able to ‘perform’ the musical in some capacity to share with the community. It will not be performed as was originally planned.
  • Farewell to Mrs Parmenter – Mrs Parmenter will return to school when the opportunity is available, so she is able to say goodbye to us all. Before the end of the year, we will ensure there is an opportunity for the St Joseph’s community to give her a fitting farewell.
  • Official Opening of the school refurbishment – This has been postponed to a later date.
  • Year 6 Graduation Function – Date is still set for Monday 13 December, at Ainslie Football Club.
  • End of Year Events – The Christmas Carols and Thanksgiving Mass, along with other end of year plans are all subject to change according to restrictions.

Thank you to all parents for the support that you give to the school, particular at this challenging time.

Stay safe and go gently.

Yours in Christ,

Cameron Tarrant


Congratulations to the Week 8 award recipients. 

The awards for the previous week during remote learning are published in the newsletter. The awards for the current week are announced in the Monday morning message. 

Foundation Red

Lola O

For finding creative ways to complete her literacy and mathematics during remote learning. 

Kathrine M

For putting in a massive amount of effort to complete all learning tasks during remote learning. 

Foundation White

Nicholas G

For applying number strategies to demonstrate his understanding of doubles.

Louis D

For using his seed of learning to positively engage in home learning tasks and complete them to a high standard.

1 Teal

Charlie G

For putting incredible effort into his nature walks and label hunts

Adam L

For putting incredible effort into his remote learning literacy activities

1 Purple

Ryan L

For completing tasks to the best of his ability and his amazing Lego constructions. 

Ayla A

For putting an excellent effort into all her work during remote learning, especially writing.

2 Yellow

Edison T

For the excellent effort he is putting into his work during remote learning

Jack D

For making such a conscientious effort to consistently complete Remote Learning tasks to a high standard.

2 Magenta

Beau W

The time and effort you are putting into completing set tasks. I especially love your dedication to the sport activities!

Clementine C

The extra effort you are putting into your work. You are being diligent and hardworking which is fantastic to see. 

3 Black

Bonnie P

For using the Seed of Learning to engage in Daily Review during remote learning.

Madison A

For using the Seed of Being to put lots of effort into all remote learning tasks.

3 Navy

Zach B

For using the Seed of Creating to make a detailed kookaburra poster for Book Week.

Patrick M

For using the Seed of Being to complete all remote learning tasks promptly and to the best of his ability.

4 Green

Maeve M

Using the Seed of Learning to complete all remote learning tasks to an incredibly high standard. 

Olivia O

Using the Seed of Learning to demonstrate a Growth Mindset in all tasks.

4 Gold

Hamish M

For always bringing his humour and positive attitude to our class video calls.

Imogen W

For insightful and thought-provoking responses on her shared reading tasks.

5 Orange

Daniel G

For his outstanding dedication to earning Banqer dollars during remote learning

Diego L

For his dedication to completing learning tasks to a high standard during remote learning

5 Blue

Maggie M

For responding to teacher feedback during online tasks and always participating. Great work Maggie! 

James A

For continually working to complete and post all tasks to a high standard. Congratulations!

6 Silver

Angela L

For her efforts when completing and submitting work, and ensuring that she is having fun while doing it. 

Jordan C

For his positive attitude and insightful questions that assist those around him. 

6 Lime 

Amy D

For her continual effort in remote learning tasks, keep up the fabulous work!

Joshua G

For his participation in daily check-ins and response to teacher feedback. 

Happy birthday to these students who celebrated their birthday this week.


Kyan S
Charlee F
Pritika T
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