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Week 3 Term 3 2021 Newsletter

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Week 3 Term 3 2021 Newsletter

Dear Parents, Carers and the St Joseph’s Community,

The first P&F meeting for Term 3 occurred last week and it was great to be together at the school for the first time in almost a year! Did you know anyone can come along to these meetings? If you are interested in hearing what’s coming up, you have feedback or you’re just interested in learning more about the role of the P&F then feel free to drop in to the next meeting in week 6.

At the meeting, we discussed some key items that are dear to all members of the P&F. The first of which is organising some events for the school community. While we were hopeful to have a parents event this term, the current COVID situation is making this a little difficult to plan. Hopefully, towards the end of the year, things will settle more and we can get this underway. In the meantime, we’ve decided to focus on getting something happening for the kids! Great news to share with your little Joey’s, we have another Nacho Day happening on Tuesday 24 August. These days are run by mum, P&F member and full-time worker (and general super friendly lady) Nichole Hanlon. But she can’t do it alone! If you have an hour to spare on the 24th please follow this link to volunteer to help Nichole and support treating our kids to a special lunch.

The other event we have scheduled is the ever-popular disco. Mark it in your diary – Friday of Week 9! We’re hoping to get something special happening for the kids on this date, so if you’re keen to get involved either contact President Kate at, or come along to our meeting in Week 6 (via zoom).

Finally have you ever wondered what P&F fundraising supports? Next time you’re in the school hall check out the new chairs! The P&F along with Camp Australia provided funds to help Cameron and the team purchase these ahead of the school musical.

A big thanks to all our members, our volunteers and of course our dedicated teachers for all their work over the first half of the year. We look forward to bringing our community together for some events soon!

St Joseph's P&F

The Feast of Saint Mary MacKillop

Our focus quote for this week from Saint Mary MacKillop is ‘find happiness in making others happy’. This quote embodies the life that Mary MacKillop led, always putting others before herself. I think this one is very clear in what Mary MacKillop is asking us to do. Consider what you can do for someone else, to bring joy into their lives.

Happiness is contagious, happy people make other people happy. There is scientific evidence to support this quote from Mary MacKillop. Bringing happiness to other people becomes a cycle and our kindness can promote lasting happiness.

Given the current circumstances we face today as a nation and across the world, making others happy seems like a small task. It can be as simple as a smile, saying thank you, going out of your way for someone, cooking someone a meal or just reminding someone that they are special and loved. What can you do this week to make others happy?


St Joseph’s Sacramental Program

Sacrament of Confirmation

The Sacrament of Confirmation will be held on Wednesday 28 October. Enrolment for this Sacrament is offered to students in Year 6, who have made their Reconciliation and Holy Communion. Further information regarding enrolments and preparation for this Sacrament will be provided in Term 3.

Date of Sacrament: Thursday 28 October

Time:                     5:30pm

Registrations:         Opening online at the end of Term 3 on the Parish website: 

Sacrament Retreat Day: TBA

All enrolments and payments must be done via the St Joseph’s Parish Website (not the school Qkr! account). Workbooks will be provided to each student enrolled and are to be completed at home, with their parents.

Important Term 3 Dates:


For further information any questions regarding Religious Education and events, please feel free to contact me via email: .

Michelle Vuli

Religious Education Coordinator

Defence School Mentor News

We welcomed our new family last week with a yummy pizza party… everyone loves pizza. Thanks to the Year 6 students for helping to serve the food and to all the Defence students showing their support.


Community news

A message from DCO:

Coming soon: Just a little teaser of some of our upcoming events


September         Women's Health Week events - Day & evening events

                         * Step into Spring @ Floriade

                         * My Dad & me: Build a Bear

October              * Dogs Day Out

                         * Coffee & Conversation

Sally Adams

Defence School Mentor

Sport News 



Please remember to check for any overdue library books due back to the library.

Please contact me at if you think you have returned your book or if you have lost it.

Have fun reading this week.

Georgina Jaram

Teacher Librarian

Happy birthday to these students celebrating their birthdays this week:


Kayla N
Alice P
Kendryck M
Scarlett P
Santiago K

Congratulations to this week's award recipients. 

Students receive their award at Friday morning assembly at 8.50am. Parents are again welcome to attend this assembly, but photos will continue to be taken each week and shared via SZapp. 

Foundation Red

Dominic G

Manseerat K

Foundation White

Jasmeen S

Beatrice H

1 Purple

Ryan L

Indie M

1 Teal

Adam L

Charlee F

2 Magenta

Gianluca P

Tresa S

2 Yellow

Leilani T

Teilo K-J

3 Black

Ishana M

Keone S

3 Navy

Mary C

Marcos D C

4 Gold

Dechen P

Scarlett P

4 Green

Christopher B

Lily P

5 Blue

Adam S

Zoe B

5 Orange

Lucas B

Antonija K

6 Lime

Olivia F

Celeste P

6 Silver

Amalija S

Ebenezer A


Namgay T



See the St Joseph's Entertainment Guide link here


Without the support of the volunteers, the canteen would not be able to function. I would love to see some new faces. If anyone is free, even for a hour or two please don’t hesitate to pop in or email

Regards Katie Jenkin

Canteen Manager