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Week 3 Term 2 2019 Newsletter

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Week 3 Term 2 2019 Newsletter

Dear Parents and Carers,

To live by faith means to put our lives in the hands of God, especially in our most difficult moments.

Pope Francis’ Little Book of Wisdom

At the moment across our school community, we have many who have been unwell and others who are facing some of these ‘difficult moments’. May we all keep each other in our thoughts and prayers and be reassured by God’s loving embrace.


In education, as in so many other areas of life these days, there are always changes in trends and how best to go about things. One thing that has changed significantly in education though, is the opportunity for students to demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways. We will all remember our own schooling when we were taught a particular way and then expected to show our learning in a single, uniform manner – usually writing it down, answering questions in a test, doing a poster perhaps or maybe just responding by rote.

In our classrooms today, the learning and the teaching is significantly different. Students are encouraged to take ownership for their learning, engage with the teaching and then find ways to best respond to demonstrate their understanding. There are, of course, plenty of times that students will have to show their ability in a particular way, using learned skills or knowledge. However at other times, teachers will want the students to find their own way to respond to what they are learning. This often requires teachers to say, ‘yes’ to ideas that the students have about ways they want to make connections in their learning, which can be challenging for the teacher who has to think, ‘how do I know they get this concept?’ Saying ‘yes’ at the right time, empowers the student and allows them to use their talents and to find ways to demonstrate their learning in a way that makes sense to them. They have to take responsibility for their own learning.

As parents, there is also power in saying ‘yes’… at the right time. This week I have included a link to an article from Parenting Ideas that looks at the importance of saying ‘yes’ as a parent.

"Being a parent places you in a position of power. It’s easy to use that power to say no. It’s harder, but more effective in the long run to seek a balance between no and yes, and in doing so, develop greater autonomy in kids."

Full Article


Last Thursday it was wonderful to see the hall full of colour, laughter and happy conversations at our Mother’s Day Breakfast. We had almost 100 families attending, with mums, grandmothers, aunties and special friends coming along and enjoying a lovely breakfast of pastries and other treats, and viewing the incredible portraits that were on display. Following this, our Year 3 and ELC students led the Prayer Celebration highlighting just how important our mums are to all of us. Many of our ELC parents were even treated to a pamper back at the ELC. Thank you to everyone who was able to join this special event.

Unfortunately our Athletics Carnival had to be postposed last Friday due to the very poor weather. This has now been rescheduled for Wednesday 22 May. It will again be held at Merici College. Further information was sent out today. Thank you to those volunteers who still came along on Friday to cook the sausage sizzle for the students – a great way to warm up on a cold and rainy day!

Enrolment Period

We are now accepting enrolment applications for the 2020 school year. 

You are invited to join us for a tour of our wonderful school to learn more about what we have to offer your child. Open Day Thursday 23 May 9.30 – 11.00am.

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Yours in Christ,

Cameron Tarrant


Season of Easter


This coming Sunday is the fifth Sunday of Easter. In the Gospel (John 13:31-33a,34-35) Jesus gives his disciples a new commandment: love one another. In the Gospel the view of love is not a sentimental one. The love described is the love shown through service and sacrifice. The type of love that is difficult to choose when faced with hatred and anger. Jesus tells the disciples that all will know that they are his disciples because of the love they show for one another. This description of the early Christian community will be repeated in the Acts of the Apostles: “See how they love one another.” Christian love is the hallmark of Christianity. We see it in the people who show their love daily through making small and large sacrifices for others. Is love the first word your family members use to describe their interactions? Love can be difficult. Jesus' sacrifice for us is an example of this. Yet because of love, the glory of God is fully revealed in Jesus. God's glory is revealed in us when we act as the Body of Christ, as individuals and as a community. In the love we have for one another—difficult, challenging, sacrificial love—we find Jesus.

As you reflect on the Gospel of John with your family this week, ask each member to describe a time when they showed love for another.

Student Prayer Focus

Our Student Prayer Focus this week centres on the Gospel of John for this coming Sunday. In classes students hear the scriptures and respond to the question:

What do I wonder about the Gospel this week?

In Year 6 the student's questions about the Gospel were:

I wonder why Jesus tells us to love one another? Finn and Thomas

I wonder why loving others automatically makes you a disciple? By Renee, Emme, Chloe, Zoe P

I wonder why he said ‘glorify’ a lot? Drina, Serafina, Tori and Tashneet

I wonder why is Jesus referring to the disciples as little children? by Savidu and Miller

I wonder who is glorified? By Jake and Will

As a part of our Student Prayer Focus this week you will see that a white leaf is being  added to our trees in each class prayer space. The white leaf is to symbolise the season of Eastertide. On each leaf of a word or phrase is written which symbolise how each class member will work to glorify Christ with their life during the week.

How will you Glorify Christ with your life this week?


Sacramental Information 


Sacrament of First Holy Communion

The  preparation for the Sacrament of First Holy Communion will commence on Saturday 18 May at 5.15pm for students Year 4 and older who have made their first Reconciliation. A note with further information will go home this week. Please enrol in this Sacrament by completing the online form at:

Please contact Father Paul  if you have any questions about sacraments at:


Holy Communion Classes

(Year 4 and older)

5.15pm in the Hall followed by Mass at 6.00pm in the Church

Saturday 18 May

Saturday 1 June

Saturday 8 June

Saturday 15 June

Sacrament of First Holy Communion

Sunday 23 June 9am


Melanie Stratford

Religious Education Coordinator 

Sustainability in Action!

After a term dedicated to making sustainable changes in the canteen, Year 4 has been working hard to put these into place. Check out our commitment to reducing waste!

Gone are the single-use plastic bags for UFOs…Hello Pineapple on a stick                                                                             

Rather than using a straw and juice/milk box, Year 4 now pours milk into reusable cups.             

Thirsty for water? Instead of purchasing a water bottle, you can reuse your drink bottle!

Ryan McGee

Sustainability Coordinator 


We had a huge turnout for Defence Kids Club this week. Tuesday first break in the library was packed with Defence children and a few extras to test their skills with Operation, Connect Four, Guess Who and card games. It was wonderful to see the different age groups working together.


We had our first Ninja Warrior session Tuesday Second break… a great obstacle course set our challenges up for great fun and success. Looking forward to next week.

Sally Adams
Defence Support Mentor
Trivia Night 2019 Donations Request_Page_1.jpg

Tiffany Fletcher

P&F President

Happy birthday to these students celebrating their birthdays this week.

Aidan B
Kathy A
Georgina G
Phoebe G
Jacob H
Kristina S

Congratulations to this week's award recipients. 

Foundation Red

Zachary B

Harry F

3 Silver

Bridget M

Anthony S

Foundation White

Nevaeh M

Owen H

4 Blue

Ashley F

Thomas F

1 Purple

Madison A

Atticus B

4 Orange

Kinley P

Hamish D

1 Teal

Yaanih N

Chloe A

5 Gold

Rose W

Alyssa D

2 Magenta

Eoin S

Lachlan S

5 Green

Alexandria S

Thomas O'K

2 Yellow

Vasili P

Louis P

6 Black

Finn K

Jake McK

3 Lime

Nathan N

Jacob C

Joseph E


Don't forget!
School banking day is Thursday.
Please put your bank books in the note bag on a Thursday morning.
For more information please visit 

Book Club Orders - reminder

Book club orders are due by Saturday 18th May, no cash payments will be accepted, order on-line


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