Thinking of Enrolling?

Enrolment Enquiry

We would love to meet you and show you what our school and early learning centre have to offer. If you would like a copy of our prospectus, or to book a tour with our Principal, please pop your details in below.
Alternatively, if you are ready to enrol your child at St Joseph's, please use the link at the bottom of this page. Upon receiving the enrolment, the school will contact you to arrange a time to meet with the Principal. 

At St Joseph's Everyone is Welcome

St Joseph's O'Connor Primary School and Early Learning Centre is open to all who are willing to commit to support the philosophy, values and aims of Catholic education. We encourage you meet with the Principal for a tour of our school community. 


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"The school community is very inclusive and welcoming. There are lots of volunteer opportunities to get involved in which makes you feel a real part of the school. You get to know lots of people from across the school and everyone looks out for one another." - STPP parent

"One of the reasons we chose the school is because of the religious values. They really focus on looking after each other and looking out for those less fortunate. Activity sheets come home which are talking about respect and values but it goes beyond that. The school is always raising money and awareness of social issues (like the crazy sock day, St Vincent’s food drive and Bust the Dust). It just becomes the norm to consider others less fortunate which is good." - STPP parent

"I love the fact that the school has thought about leadership and has structured a program for the senior students to lead prayers, co-ordinate assemblies and run reading activities in the younger classes. It gives them a sense of pride and responsibility." - STPP parent