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School Fees


Read the School Fees Collection Policy.



Tuition Fees for ACT Systemic Primary Schools, set by the Catholic Education Commission, will be as follows for 2018:


This amount is paid by the school to the CEO and is used for teacher salaries and insurances.

First Child $346.00 per term ($1384pa)

Second Child $ 103.80 per term ($415.20pa)

Third Child $ 69.20 per term ($276.80pa)

Fourth Child $ 0.00

A 20% discount applies to the first child fee where there is a sibling in an Archdiocesan Secondary College.


BUILDING FUND (CCSBF) $168 per family per term ($672pa)

This amount is paid to the CEO and is used for major building works and major maintenance projects across the Archdiocese. It is tax deductible.


SCHOOL LEVY $245 per family per term ($980pa)

This covers telephone, power, water, gas, teaching resources, library books, furniture and equipment etc.


PERFORMANCE/EXCURSION LEVY $25 per child per term ($100pa)

This contributes to visiting performances and some excursions throughout the year. It does not include sporting events.


BOOK LEVY $40 per child per term ($160pa)

This covers disposables used by the children such as pencils, rulers, glue, exercise books, photocopy paper, paint and art and craft materials.


WATER SAFETY PROGRAM $30 per Foundation – Yr 2 child per term ($120pa)

This covers the Royal Life Saving Water Safety Program.


ICT LEVY $55 per family per term ($220pa)

This contributes to the purchase and maintenance of ICT equipment in the school such as computers, digital cameras and interactive whiteboards.


MAINTENANCE LEVY $32 per family per term ($128pa)

This contributes to the janitor’s wage and covers everyday expenses for maintaining the school and grounds.


CAPITAL PROJECTS LEVY $35 per family per term ($140pa)

This levy provides the capital for the school to grow and develop.  It covers the initial outlay for new classroom furniture and equipment and contributes to the Schools contribution to redevelopment and new building works.


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