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Fresh Tastes

St. Joseph’s is a ‘Fresh Tastes’ school. The ‘Fresh Tastes’ program is an ACT Government initiative that aims to embed a culture of healthy food and drinks across the school.

Over the next 3 years, we will undertake activities from the following six action areas: Healthy Food and Drink Guidelines; Food for Sale; Classroom Learning; Cooking Food; Growing Food; and Food from Home.

At St. Joseph’s we believe children who have a healthy diet are better placed to learn, participate and attend school. They can also have improved levels of concentration, behaviour, self-confidence and immunity from disease.

We aim to support families and children to have healthy lifestyles by providing leadership and promoting a healthy food and drink culture.



Garden and Sustainability

At St. Joseph’s we are growing excellence in our school garden and in our efforts to recycle and be more sustainable. We work hard to separate our lunch and recess waste into recycling, landfill waste and food scraps. We have Nude Food Day’s each week where the students endeavour to bring in food with no wrappings at all. Saint Joseph’s is an accredited Waste Wise school.

We are currently constructing a new courtyard garden space so that we can grow more fruit, vegetables and herbs to promote healthy choices for our students.

In the new garden space we have five risen garden beds. We are building hot compost bays from recycled pallets to provide nourishment and soil for this garden. This will allow us to recycle the masses of food waste and paper waste to make healthy rich soil.

We have two worm farms, one which is in the ground, and one which stands alone and produces worm fertiliser. It also takes some of the Fruit Snack waste.

The school has two friendly chickens that kindly lay eggs for us on a regular basis. Our students love visiting, cuddling and caring for the chooks.

Soon we are hoping to build a greenhouse so that we can have a place to grow seedlings for our crop rotations. We are always excited about volunteers and donations of potting mix, drip watering system equipment or manure.

Currently Saint Joseph’s is working on gaining accreditation for energy, school grounds and curriculum. We have enthusiastic Energy Agents that turn off all lights, heaters and projectors each break.

We can all make a difference and help to maintain and preserve our environment now and into the future.


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